Was it really the first Thanksgiving feast?


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Yes!It was the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and the Native Americans had a special feast together!

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AnswerThe Pilgrims had their first ThanksGiving feast in the year 1621.

Yes there was popcorn at the first thanksgiving

The Wampanoag did not bring popcorn to the first Thanksgiving feast, but they did bring corn.

There was no popcorn at the first Thanksgiving.

How did you get a writing job??Please---their first Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by a large feast and a Turkey and corn, exactly how we celebrate it today, but they did their feast with the indians.

John Smith was actually not at the First Thanksgiving feast. He arrived before the pilgrims around 1607. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 with the settlers of Jamestown.

They invited the Wompanog Indians to their feast

because they ate it at the first ever feast of thanksgiving

Many people believe the first thanksgiving was held in 1621 but that was just a feast. The actual first thanksgiving was in 1623

thanksgiving first started when the pilgrim's and the Indian's had their feast.

Yes, it is believed that venison was served at the first Thanksgiving and the Indians brought it to the feast.

The first Thanksgiving was held on the Plymouth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusettes

No, they didn't bring popcorn to the first Thanksgiving, although they did have corn.

When the first thanksgiving first happened, the native americans brought food to the feast. They grew potatoes, squash, and corn, which is why we eat those things during Thanksgiving. Also, mashed potatoes are really good!

The first Thanksgiving was a three-day long celebration.

Because the first thanksgiving feast was three days long.

False, the first thanksgiving was not called that by the pilgrims.

to celebrate the pilgrims first harvest

Pilgrims and Indians had a feast and the had turkey

yes they did that's really all they ate for thanksgiving. that's what i learned in school

The first thanksgiving was in 1621, so this year(2014) it is 393 years ago.

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