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Was john sutter married?

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Annette D'beld

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When did John Sutter get married?


What did John sutter do?

what did john sutter do for a living

When did John sutter die?

John Sutter died in 1880.

How old was John Sutter in 1880?

John Sutter was 77

What does the A stand for in John A Sutter?

The "A" in John A. Sutter stands for "Augustus."

Where did john sutter go to school?

did john sutter go to college

Who lived at sutter fort?

John Sutter

When was John Sutter born?

John Sutter was born on February 15, 1803.

Who was John Sutter and what was he doing in California?

john sutter was tring to fulfil his dreams

Why did John A Sutter discover gold?

john sutter didn't find the gold marshal found it

What has the author John William Sutter written?

John William Sutter has written: 'Elements of a Theory for the Analysis of a Peasant Economy'

What was John Sutter's nationatily?

John Sutter was Swiss.

Who owned sutters mill?

John Sutter and James Marshall owned Sutter Mill.

What was the birthplace of John Sutter?


What is the birth name of Daryl Sutter?

Daryl Sutter's birth name is Darryl John Sutter.

What has the author John Augustus Sutter written?

John Augustus Sutter has written: 'Neu-Helvetien' -- subject- s -: Gold discoveries, History

What actors and actresses appeared in General Sutter - 1999?

The cast of General Sutter - 1999 includes: Werner Bachofen as John A. Sutter (young man) Wolfram Berger as Frank Buchser Rahman Dalrymple as James Marshall Hannes Schmidhauser as John A. Sutter

Who discovered gold and when?

John A. Sutter in 1848

When was gold founded?

1848 by John . A. Sutter

Who did John Sutter marry?

Annete D'bled

How did John Sutter die?

he got shot

Who are california's famous people?

john sutter

What is John Sutter's middle name?


What continent was John Sutter born in?


How many siblings did john sutter have?