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Was life enjoyable under nazi rule?

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No it was not. Even though Hitler managed to improve the economy and bring order to Germany, many of innocent lives were taken and many peoples were being tortured. Hitler does not have the right to take away lives and cause pain towards the nation of Germany.

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It depends.

For people who were among those that Hitler persecuted and eventually murdered, certainly life was deplorable. For the general German citizen, life under Hitler was an improvement from the poverty and difficulties of the Weimar Era. Many Germans at the time also saw Hitler as a hero who was "saving" Germany and were pleased with the segregation. (Most Germans were unaware of the atrocities that were going on.)

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How did the Netherlands come under nazi rule?

The Netherlands come under Nazi rule because they were not prepared. The Nazi forces raided them in 1940 and that is how they ended up under Nazi rule.

When did Romania come under Nazi rule?

Romania was never under Nazi rule !

What does Nazi Control mean?

Refers to Hitler's rule in Germany, under this rule the country was transformed into a totalitarian state where the Nazi party controlled nearly all aspects of life

When did Lithuania come under Nazi rule?

Lithuania came under Nazi rule in June 1941 when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union.

Was Germany successful under Nazi rule?

Germany was almost completely destroyed under Nazi rule due to a war that was started by Adollf Hitler.

What was Warsaw Poland like under nazi rule 1931?

The nazi regime in Germany began in 1933 and the World War II (by German attack on Poland) began in 1939, so it was impossible Warsaw was under nazi rule in 1931. Warsaw was under nazi rule from September 1939 to January 1945.

How did Poland come under the nazi rule?

they were ambushed

When and how did grodno come under Nazi rule?

It was in 1926

Who ruled Poland under Nazi rule?

The Nazis!

When and how did Berlin come under Nazi rule?

Berlin came under the Nazi rule after the first World War. This was as a result of Germany being in ruins and the fact that it was blamed for the war.

When an dhow did the town in Paris come under Nazi rule?

When the French surrendered in May 1940 northern and western France (including Paris) came under Nazi rule.

How did Berlin come under Nazi rule?

As the capital of Germany, Berlin came under Nazi rule when Hitler, the Fuerher of the Nazi party, became president of Germany. This occurred after the death of the previous president in 1934, after Hitler had paved the way for a Nazi takeover.

How zelow Poland come under nazi rule?

by war

How did Frankfurt come under Nazi rule?

the people voted for it

When did Danzig come under Nazi rule?

1939 to 1945 .

What countries were under the Nazi rule?

GERMANY and the soviet union

How many children died under nazi rule?

1.5 million

How did great Britain come under nazi rule?

Whist the Nazis did not invade the British Mainland there are recorss of the channel islands being occupied (Jersey and Gurnsey).Apart from this Britain was never under Nazi rule

When and how did Brussels Belgium come under Nazi rule?

1940 Germany invaded.

What type of government did Germany become under the rule of Hitler and the Nazi Party?

A dictatorship

When did Bulgaria come under Nazi rule?

Nazi's never ruled Bulgaria directly

When did Austria come under Nazi rule?

On 12 March 1938 German troops occupied the country and Austria became part of Germany through the Anschluss and remained under Nazi rule until the end of World War II.

When did the city of Berlin fall under Nazi rule in World War 2?


What was the fate of Sweden's Jews during the Holocaust?

They were safe as Sweden was never under Nazi rule.

How were the schools in Germany cleansed and purified under Nazi rule?

well they killed all the jews...