Was mr ed a zebra

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Mr. Ed was in fact a horse.

Snopes falsely reports that he was in fact a female zebra and the old black and white cameras blended the strips and made them invisible, but they appear to be pulling a fast one on everyone as a joke.

Snopes explained their own parody here:

If you watch certain scenes, you can tell by looking under him that he was in fact a male horse, if you know what I mean.

Also, the ears are different from a zebra and from the bottom of his chin to his neck is different from a zebra. He was definitely not a zebra.

It is also false that they used something like peanut butter to make his lips move, when in fact they used a fine nylon string. In a couple scenes, you can see it if you are looking for it, but it's difficult to see. Having a DVR to freeze it is a wonderful technology. It's very fine like dental floss. I think they used the peanut butter hoax because animal rights groups would have opposed the use of string to irritate his upper gums.

It has been said that they used a zebra in a couple scenes as a stunt double.

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Q: Was mr ed a zebra
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