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Hitler hated the Jews for a lot of reasons. One was because he thought they had "back-stabbed" Germany during WW1.

Most unlikely. His mother died in 1907 and, according to Ian Kershaw's highly acclaimed biography, the first evidence of real antisemitism on Hitler's part dates from 1916.

I've read that Hitler was actually quite grateful to the Jewish Doctor Who treated his mother, additionally, he allowed the doctor to escape Nazi Germany unscathed later on. I think that if he was that angry at the doctor, he probably would have had him sent to a concentration camp.

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Why did a Jewish person kill hitlers mom?

Hitlers mom had cancer and her doctor was Jewish. the doctor couldn't save her so that's why Hitler hated Jews

Why did Hilter not like Jewish people?

it was said hitlers mothers doctor was Jewish & his mother died. he felt that the doctor let her die, this may not be true for sure.

What began hitlers hatred of Jews?

it possibly stemmed from when his mother died when he was a baby; the doctor that looked after his mom was Jewish. so that could be the root of his hatred for Jews

Who were two of Hitlers top aides?

Doctor Fuzzle Bottom and Professer Weirdantoet.

Why did hitlar blame the jewish?

Adolf Hitler blamed the jewish for two reasons (1) his mom passed away from breast cancer because he thought the doctor made her die (2) he wanted to be a famous artist but an jew said he couldn't qualify.

What were Hitlers motivations?

Hitler's motivation was to create the perfect Aryan race. He wanted Germany to be powerful again and he thought that the Jewish people and western Europeans were inferior to the German's. Another possible reason was that his mother died when he was a young boy and her doctor was Jewish, so some people believe that, that is possible along with the other things.

Is it possible that hitler hated jews because of the doctor that killed hitler's mother?

I doubt that it was the main cause for it but it didn't help especially as it was a Jewish doctor. When the Jewish doctor let Hitler's mom died. he was absolutely furious.

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