Was pirate bay shut down

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Was pirate bay shut down
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Why was The Pirate Bay shut down?

The Pirate Bay is still currently in operation and has only ever been temporarily shut down. The temporary shut down was court ordered until the claims against The Pirate Bay had been settled.

Are they going to shut down the pirate bay?


Why has The Pirate Bay not been shut down?

because my nanna is still downloading her movie.

What are the names of the bit torrent sites which have been shut down?

There have been a few BIT Torrent sites shut down in the last few years. Some of those shut down include 'The Pirate Bay', 'Mega Upload' and 'Torrent Freak'.

Is the pirate bay down?

No, it's not.

Does Pirate Bay Shut Down What if your Internet?

I know someone who works at a expert computer business or whatever (not important) and they say that cogeco detects that you are using the pirate bay and shuts down your internet. I don't know how it works, the person doesn't know how it works either. I was just told that it shuts down your internet, I need someone to respond to this-quickly.

Sites like pirate bay but free?

The Pirate Bay is free...

Is Guantanamo Bay being shut down?

The base at Guantanamo Bay isn't being closed down, just the prison.

Why is pirate bay not working?

Pirate bay is working, but to download you must have utorrent.

When was there an abattoir in homebush bay?

the abattoir opened in 1913 and shut down in 1988.

What is a website like LimeWire?

Frostwire is good :) also pirate bay you have to download utorrent with pirate bay though :)

How do you download from the pirate bay?

You must have utorrent, when you click "download torrent" on the pirate bay, it will start downloading on utorrent.