Was president roosevelt okay with Truman dropping the bomb in Japan?

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Truman was president when the decision was made, FDR had passed away.
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Did President Truman make the right decision to drop the atom bomb on Japan?

The use of the bomb was an alternative to Operation Downfall, anall-out Allied invasion of Japan, and effectively saved millions ofAmericans, and Japanese. Plus the atomic bom

Did Truman have to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

While no act of war is necessary, it could be argued that dropping the bomb did end the war immediately; otherwise it could have been some time before an end was reached and m

Did president Roosevelt agree with president Truman with dropping the bomb?

Roosevelt made the decision to make the atomic bomb on October9, 1941. . As the Manhattan Project progressed Roosevelt followeddevelopments with the assumption that the atomi

What factors caused president Truman to order the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan?

The estimated military deaths for an invasion of Japan mandated the use of atomic weapons. During development of the bomb Germany was seen as also developing the same technolo

President Truman reason for dropping the atomic bomb in Japan?

The US and Japan were at war, and Japan had refused to surrender. If the US invaded Japan, it was estimated that more than 1 million US service members would be killed, and se

When did President Truman give the order to drop the two atomic bombs on Japan?

The authorizations were all made in May 1945 , when theTarget List was prepared and the orders to "use the atomic bombs onJapan as they become available". As the Trinity Test

What caused president Truman to order the dropping of atomic bombs in japan?

Japan refused to surrender, because, it was against their national policy to surrender. Pres. Truman ordered the dropping of two atomic bombs and Japan surrendered. It was eit