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Japanese-Americans were placed in Internment Camps, hardly a Concentration Camp. While not a good thing, they were much better off than the European Civilians that were interred by the Japanese.

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Q: Was putting the Japanese in concentration camps a good thing?
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What happened to the japense canadians in World War 2?

Japanese Canadians were placed in detention camps which were essentially the same thing as concentration camps ~ see related link below .

What happened to the jappanese americans during World War 2?

Japanese - American citizens were forcibly compelled to go to internment camps which were essentially the same thing as concentration camps .

Were there good concentration camps for Jewish prisoners?

No, there was no such thing as a "good" concentration camp!

How are concentration camps and internment camps terms conncected?

they are essentially the same thing; they are camps for a civilian population.

Are concentration camps the same thing as internment camps?

yes, however conditions vary

What kind of thing did they do to people in concentration camps?

bad things

What happened to Japanese Americans during world war 2 as a response to war with japan?

They were compelled to enter into internment camps ; the same thing as a concentration camp .

When did they use concentration camps in the Holocaust?

the entire thing, that's what the holocaust was about...

How do interment camps differ from concentration camps?

Same thing, different name. Internment camps weren't known as concentration camps until the mid-1930's, when Heinrich Himmler (leader of Hitler's SS) announced the creation of specialized camps where political enemies could be "concentrated."

How do relocation camps and internment camps differ?

They really were much different Relocation Camps and Internment camps were the same thing just that relocation camps were the real camps and internment camps were where the Japanese Americans had to go before they made the relocation camps.

Did Eva Braun really know any thing about the concentration camps or the Nazi regime?


Concentration Camps in Canada during World War 2?

As much as I know there were no Concetraition Camps in canada, that is a stupid quetion if I have ever heard one.AnswerThere were 26 Internment Camps established in Canada which held Japanese Italian and German Canadians. More than 30,000 were affected by these camps including 100 Canadian Communists. Forty Prisoner of War Camps were set up for 33,798 German and Italian POW's and 6,437 Civil Internees (mostly Merchant Marine).Please note Internment Camps and Concentration Camps are NOT the same thing. Canada not have concentration camps.Side note: the fact that you spelled question wrong leads me to doubt you. :D lol, jk, probably a mistake.

What were nazi labor camps?

same thing as concentration only they work them to death as well as gas chamber

What did the concentration camps do?

they torterd and burned there enemys in a oven type thing they dug holes and put dead bodys in them :(

How did the US government intervene inh the Holocaust?

i think the us did the right thing on stopping all concentration camps.

Were concentration camps hidden out of site or in plain view?

They were hidden so the Germans thought Hitler was going the right thing

What facts from the book the book thief show concentration camps are bad?

None. It doesn't mention concentration camps at all, if I'm not mistaken. The only thing mentioned about WW2 in general is that it was fought with the sons of Zeus and Poseidon on one side and with the sons of Hades on the other.

Is a concentration camp the same thing as the Holocaust?

No. A very large part of the Holocaust was carried out in concentration camps - or to be more precise, in extermination camps. but an even larger part was carried out elsewhere, for example, in mass, open-air shootings. Please see the related questions.

In world war 2 what sickened the allied soldiers when they found them?

The thing that sickened them was the Nazi concentration camps. Makes me sick too

Where do people get their camp councelors?

Prisoners in the Concentration Camps NEVER had counselors nor it was needed. Only thing that can be related to "camp counselors" are the SS Officer and Guards who instructed the events which happened in the Camps.

What did healthy Jews do for work in concentration camps?

most pointless thing, somtimes the S.S. made them did holes for gaves or just dig holes.

People who helped others escape from concentration camps?

what? People that helped others escape from concentration camps would most likely try to escape themselves with them, but if they didn't go with them nothing would happen......................................if they didn't get caught. If they got caught they's be shot, hung that sort of thing.

Why is Pearl Harbor significant to the internment camp experience?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and the USA then set up internment camps for any Japanese living in the USA. The Japanese were put into internment camps as they were considered a threat to the country. Here in the UK they did the same thing with Italians and Germans living in the UK.

What to you call a red Indian settlement?

The Lakota that I know call them "Death Camps," American's call them "Reservations," the Nazi's called them "Internment Camps" or "Concentration Camps." They all mean the same thing in actual practice, though the description by official sources change.

Where were Japanese Americans forced during war?

The Japanese were unconstitutionally and unfairly interned in internment camps around the USA. Canadian Japanese had the same thing happen to them. I have added some links below for you so you can see on a map were the internment camps were and the names of them. I added Canada too for you in case you are doing a research paper.