Was rearmament during the 1930's avoidable?

Yes, rearmament during the 1930's was avoidable.

During the disarmament conference at Geneva, the League of Nations, along with the US and the Sovier Union could have agreed to the limits of weapon to disarm and ignore their country's external sercurity.

In October 1933, Hitler had pulled Germany out of the Disarmament Conference because he wanted military equality. Hitler then annouced he was going to rearm. By 1935 he had increased the size of his army from 100 000 men to 550 000 men and had introduced conscription for all male citizens. Even though Hitler had broken the Treaty of Versailles no one was prepared to go against him and enforce the terms in the treaty. Hence, Hitler was abe to keep his army. His armament and military performance in the Spanish civil war had brought Europe's attention. They had seen how powerful and strong Germany were, and thus, countries near Germany starting rearming. Therefore