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Undoubtedly by some people. Beatles music, which is extremely mild by today's standards, was protested, boycotted and even burned and steamrolled publically in giant heaps. Some music, it should be mentioned, is heretical - including a few classic beatles tunes. The song Imagine by John Lennon invisions a united future world without poverty, hunger, war, "and no religion too..."

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Q: Was rock music thought to be against God?
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Who is the god of rock music?

Bob Marley.

What is the difference between Rock Music and Christian Rock?

Even though Rock Music and Christian Rock are the same genre; as in 'rock' the difference is simply in the lyrics. Most Rock music artists may sing about pain, misery, neglect etc. Christian Rock bands sing about how they have witnessed God. Usually Christian Rock is for the praise of God; and to attract more teenagers to enjoy happy music of God. Christian Rock can also bring more pleasure into praising God than normal Christian Music.Though Rock Music can be just about normal things in life: For Example: Girlfriends, Unforgivingness or just about anything.

Is rob zombies music against god?


What is marsyas the god of?

Czech folk-rock music.

Who first thought of music as a form of entertainment?

The answer is God son.

What is Satanic music?

Satanic music is music against god and worships the devil. Like Deicide.

How do you make rock and roll in Doodle God?


How do you make rock n roll in Doodle God?

music+alcohol= rock n roll

What is at the heart of skillet's music?

by what i can tell god ,jesus christ,and rock

How do you make a rock in roll in doodle god?

s*x and music

Why did Satan lead a rebellion against God?

Because he became so proud, he thought he was better than God.

How do you make rock n' roll on doodle god 2?

Music + Alcohol = Rock n' Roll

Who is the God of Music and Oracles?

Apollo was the god of music, and often also the god of oracular prophecy. He presided over the utterances of the Sibyl at Delphi, and in his role as patron of music he contested against - and later flayed - the satyr Marsyas.

Was Satan the saint of music before he rebelled against God?

No. He was never a saint.

How do you make rock-n-roll in Doodle God?

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How did Elvis change music?

oh my god, he like created pop/rock music and he invented the pelvic thrust haha

The Church in the Middle Ages thought that music should be performed for what?

The Church in the Middle Ages thought that music should be performed only for the purpose to worship God and celebrate religious holidays. Music and instruments were banned everywhere else but in churches because of this belief.

Are slipknot agains god?

They are not against God. Everyone will tell you this but that is just the way they write their music because they had some pretty crappy childhoods.

Is music bad in Christianity?

No, a huge part of being a Christian is worshipping God through Christian songs. However, some Christians think it is wrong to listen to music that is bad, full of things that displease God. That is when it is bad, but personally there is nothing wrong with music, but with music that goes against God is not good to listen too.

Should rock music be allowed in church?

I personally think that rock music is not a way of praising God. Rock brings pleasure to the human, not to our heavenly Father. We need to sing to the Lord with all our souls, not part of it. Our God deserves the glory. After all, He did die for us on the cross and forgive our sins. We could give a little sacrifice for Him.

What was Moctezuma's dilemma?

He thought that Cortes was a god, Quezalcoatl, but he was not. He sent Cortes gifts but warned him against coming to Tenochtitlan.

Is there an awards show for rock and metal music genre?

Golden God Awards by Revolver magazine. Yearly hard-rock and heavy metal award show.

Why were some preachers against rock music?

They're typically against secular music in general, and they base this on an interpretation of the Bible that music must be directed to the praise of God, and be driven by melody (as opposed to Rock and other contemporary forms of music, which are beat driven). Additionally, Rock music tended to have a much more "decadent" message than others popular forms of music at the time, which furthered their opposition to it. Agreeing totally with the previous post I'd like to add that Heavy Metal in particular sometimes uses chord or note changes that are six semi tones apart eg the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. I believe that from many years back (possibly in the monastries) that this chord/note change should never be used in religious music. Whether this has anything to do with some modern preachers disliking the music I have no idea.

What was ancient israel's religious beliefes?

Answer They thought that they were the noble community selected by God and have no punishment from the God in the Last Day. Also they rejected all Prophets who were against their believe

Is Ryan Lacey god?

No, Ryan Lacey is not a god. If you are talking about a 'rock god' then he is ranked as a 'rock god'.