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Shays' Rebellion

Was shays rebellion led by Daniel shays?

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Yes, Daniel Shays led Shays' Rebellion. Because judges kept seizing farmer's land and putting the farmers in jail for not paying taxes.

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What did Daniel shays do to be important?

he led shays rebellion

Who led Massachusetts in a rebellion?

daniel shays

Who rebelled in shays rebellion?

It was the farm owners who rebelled in Shays' Rebellion. The rebellion occurred in Massachusetts and was led by Daniel Shays. Another prominent leader of the rebellion was Luke Day.

Led a farmers' rebellion in Massachusetts?

Daniel Shays

What was the name of the farmer who led a rebellion in Massachusetts?

Daniel Shays.

Who led a rebellion of desperate farmers in massachusetts?

Daniel Shays is the person who led a rebellion of desperate farmers in Massachusetts. It lasted from August of 1786 to June of 1787, and was known as Shays' Rebellion.

How might the Shays Rebellion have influenced the writers of the US Constitution?

Shays' Rebellion led some to the believe that the U.S. Constitution should create a more powerful federal government. The rebellion was led in part by Daniel Shays.

Who led a farmer's rebellion over state taxes?

Daniel shays

Which veteran of the Revolutionary war led a farmers rebellion?

Daniel Shays

When did Daniel Shays led farmers in a tax rebellion?


What led shays' rebellion?

taxing on Massachusetts farmer's land made Daniel Shays and a bunch of other farmers made and that caused the Shays Rebellion.

Who was the leader of the rebellion closing Massachusetts courts?

The rebellion that led to the closing of courts in Massachusetts was Shays' Rebellion, named after its leader, Daniel Shays. The rebellion was eventually crushed.

Who led Virginia farmers in a rebellion against the colony's government in 1676?

Nathaniel BaconDaniel Shay "Daniel Shays' Rebellion"

Who lead shays rebellion?

Daniel Shays

Who led a rebellion of farmers protesting a property tax passed by Massachusetts?

Daniel Shays

How did shays' rebellion change peoples opinions about the articles of confederation?

Shays' Rebellion convinced people that under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was too weak to enforce laws. The rebellion was led by Daniel Shays.

Who led an armed uprising of about 1200 farmers on a federal arsenal?

The uprising of Massachusetts farmers on a federal arsenal refers to Shays' Rebellion. It was led by Daniel Shays. Shays was a soldier and a farmer.

What effect did Shays' Rebellion have on peoples attitudes toward the Articles of Confederation?

Shays Rebellion was when farmers led by Daniel Shay were crushing becasue of debt and taxes

What is Daniel Shays best remembered for?

shays' rebellion

What event prompted delegates to write a new constitution?

Shays' Rebellion was the event that prompted delegates to write a new constitution. The rebellion occurred in 1786, and was led by Daniel Shays.

Who was the leader of a rebellion of poor farmers in massachusetts in 1786?

Daniel Shays, a former captain in the Revolutionary War, led what is called Shays' Rebellion from August 1786 to June 1787.

Did Daniel Shays die in Shays' Rebellion?

No Daniel Shays did not died in the Shays's Rebellion. After his rebellion fail, he was condamened to a death penalty. Even tho others of his rebellion were granted forgiveness, Daniel Shays was not one of them because the govenment was very scared of him and what he was capable of doing. Then he was killed.

What was shays rebellion caused by?

The Shays' Rebellion in Massachusetts was named after its leader Daniel Shays. The rebellion was due to the economic crisis and financial difficulties.

Who led an armed uprising of around 1200 Massachusetts farmers on a federal arsonal?

Daniel shays the uprising was also known as the shays rebellion

Who were the friends of Daniel Shays from Shays Rebellion?

Jason Parmenter.

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