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The blitz took place during World War 2. Therefore St Stephen's school was bombed during both.

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When the Japs bomed perl horber

because japan bomed the harbor.

It did because the Nazis bomed London

The U.S entered WW2 because Japan had bomed pearl Harbor

The Blitzkrieg bombing of London ended in May of 1941.

They kill them because they bomed them in World War 2. and they taste good.

In 1942 When Japen bomed Them And a Year After We Got Bomed In Pearl Horbor!

first of all the twin towers were crashed by terrorist planes not bomed and they were crashed September 11, 2001.

The worst bomed city in England was Coventry.

The Americans bomed a city in japan causing the end of wwll

That happened on August 6,1945.

because it had steal factories that maid all the weapons and tanks

well the middle was and

When the Japan started to bomed Pearl Harbor we got tired of there boming's then we tured and we bomed japan and then japan turned on us.

The leader was Colonel Jimmy Doolittle.

the effects were that lots of people died

It was bomed September 21st 1940

They were either bomed or evacuated or survived

Japan, they bomed Pearl Harbor first

bin laden bombed the twin towers

We bomed Hiroshima and Nagisaki and also Hitler formed the Nazi party because he blamed Germany for the Economic problems

On 30th January, 1956, a bomb was thrown into the house of Martin Luther King

because he is to afraid to amidte it and because they dont evidence about the person who had bomed it.