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NO! The Alamo is located in the State of Texas USA and was involved in the fight to create Texas independence from Mexico.


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The Alamo played no role in the Mexican American War.

The battle of the Alamo is what got the US involved in the Mexican American war.

The Siege of the Alamo (1836) was a part of the Texas War of Independence and not a part of the Mexican American War which was from 1846 to 1848.

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A synonym for the spanish-american war is the american-spanish war. MAKE SURE TO ADD THE heifen or -...

It was the Alamo War. It was seen as skeptical by some. It however settled the Mexican American War of 1846.

Puerto Rico was a Spanish American War battlefield. Cuba was a Spanish American War battlefield. Guam was a bloodless Spanish American War battlefield. The Philippines was a Spanish American War battlefield that became a long and bloody Philippine American War battlefield.

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At the age of six the Alamo fell. When he was a teenager the Mexican American war was going on. During his manhood the Civil War was being fought. As an elder the Spanish American war was being fought. All of his life, the American Indians had been at war.

The Philippine American war was the direct response to the Spanish American War.

It was the primary battlefield of the Spanish American War.

the Spanish American War started in 1898

The Spanish American War did not involve Mexico.

The Spanish American War ennded and the Philippine American War began.

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The Spanish Civil War of 1936 or the Spanish-American War of 1898?

Yes. Mexico attacked American property/territory.

The Spanish American War lasted around 4 months

The Spanish American War was fought in 1898.

The first battle of the Spanish American War was at Manila Bay.

The Philippine American War.

Spanish American war 1898

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