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== == Both are of EQUAL importance, but for different reasons. The Battle Of Britain foresalled and eventually prevented an invasion of Great Britain by the Nazis. This allowed for the build up of forces in Britain, that eventually resulted in the D-Day landings in Normandy in June of 1944. The Battle Of The Atlantic was the LONGEST battle of the entire war, and it ebbed and flowed for five full years. The ability of the Allies to get much needed supplies and food to Britain was dependent on the cross Atlantic convoys. Much of the equipment that was used by the Allies on June the 6th and afterwards, came across the ocean by ship, and so did 60 percent of the men who were involved in those landings. The German U-boat service had a total of about 39,000 men during the second world war, of which 29,000 were lost at sea. A very high casualty figure, and most of those sinkings took place in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Q: Was the Battle of Britain or the Battle of the Atlantic more important?
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What is the significance of the Battle of Atlantic?

Britain (and the Soviet Union) NEEDED supplies. Germany was attacking the supply ships (commerce raiding). Getting those supply ships thru to Britain was the Battle of the Atlantic; if the battle was lost, then Britain might not be saved (Russia could more than handle their own).

Was the battle of Britain or the Battle of Stalingrad more important?

Both were of equal importance to their respective countries.

What is the Importance of War at Sea in World War 1 and World War 2?

The Battle of Jutland was key in the First World War, as although Britain lost more ships and men than Germany did, it was the High Fleet (Germany) who retreated, which allowed the Royal Navy to form a blockade, effectively starving the Germans. Without the blockade, the war would have probably gone on for a lot longer. In the Second World War, the Battle of the Atlantic was important, as it was an important fight to see who controlled the Atlantic, which was important as it was the route that the Americans and Canadians used to deliver food and supplies to Britain. Although the U-boats were far more deadly, the Americans and Canadians had too many ships to be sunk, so the Battle of the Atlantic was quite important.

What battle of the civil war was more important?

No battle was more important.

What is one reason why the German plan failed?

They should have waited 3 more years for jet acrcraft and the modern elctro u boats that would have won the Battle of Britain and The Battle of the Atlantic Ocean

What ocean separates Britain from the US?

The Atlantic Ocean.The Atlantic. I suppose we could be more specific and say the NORTH Atlantic Ocean.

Was Italy more involved in the biltz then the battle of Britain in World War 2?

Italy was not involved in either the blitz or the Battle of Britain

Who started the battle in Britain?

what batle be more specific

What were the 5 battles during World War 2?

There were way more then 5 battles during world war 2. Battle for Britain, Battle of the Bulge, Stalingrad, Battle for Berlin, Battle for Moscow, Iwo jima, Okinawa, Midway Just to name a few. Kursk, el Alamein, Monte Cassino, the Falaise Pocket, Guadalcanal, the Battle of the Atlantic.... there are more....

What happened first the battle of Britain or the bombing of pearl harbor?

The Battle of Britain occurred from July to October, 1940, while the bombing of Pearl Harbour occured more than a year later on December 7, 1941. The Battle of Britain happened first.

Did Britain evacuate the city before the battle of Britain?

On September 1, 1939 the Ministry of Health launched Operation Pied Piper. It was prior to the Battle of Britain. A link has been added for you to read more about the evacuation.

Where was the battle of brittain fought?

The Battle of Britain, as the name suggests, was fought over the skies of Britain. More specifically, most of the combat occurred over the coasts of the counties of Kent and Sussex.

Which is more significant- battle of Britain or d-day?

battle of Britain was carnegie and death with no victory. D-Day was the stepping stone toward victory in Europe by allied forces.

How did Britain win the battle of trafalgar?

Britain won the battle of Trafalgar using Admiral Horatio Nelson's tactical plan and given the circumstance of having prepared for more enemy than they were met with.

Why are waves stronger in the South West of Britain?

Beacause it is more exposed to the Atlantic. Further North is protected by Ireland.

What is the weather in the North and West regions of Britain?

The North and West of Britain has more rain than Southern and Eastern regions due to weather systems coming in from the Atlantic.

How was Canada affected by the Battle of the Atlantic?

Canada helped the Allies ina great way by inproving his Navy and producing great ammounts of patrol vessels and escort destroyes that helped in the Convoy War. More that helping in the Atlantic Battle, Canada played an important role defending and taking positions and cities in D-Day posterior landings.(Caen)

Which is more major Atlantic Ocean or Congo river?

The Atlantic ocean is more major, I think because it is one of the 5 oceans in the world. Seas aren't as important.

Why did Britain win the battle of Charleston?

they had a better leader at the time and had more and advanced military weapons.

What became more important to Britain after they lost the American colinies?

Other imperialism became much more important to Britain after they lost the American colonies, to protect themselves against other powers in the world.

What was the important battle of world war 2?

The storming of normandy, is usually thought to be the most important, but the battle of the bulge is probably more significant

What is the main difference between Britain and France?

There are so many differences between France and britain That it is difficult to chose one. Britain speaks English, a Germanic language when France speak french, a latin language Britain is predominatly protestant, France is catholic Britain is in northern part of western Europe, France is in the southern part. Britain is a monarchy, France is a republic Britain drinks beer, France drinks wine Britain opens on the atlantic and northern sea, France opens on atlantic and mediterranean Britain has more pale-skin fait-haired people, France has more Brown haired people Etc.

If Germany had been more successful in the battle of the Atlantic what would have happened?

If essential food and war supplies from America and Canada could no longer reach the British Isles, due to the Germany U-boats, eventually, Britain would have little choice but to surrender.

What Planes did Britain use in the Battle Of Britain?

RAF Fighter Command's primary fighters used in the Battle of Britain was the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire.There were far more Hurricane's available and they proved effective against German bombers as well as fighters, however the Spitfire was more agile and a preferred choice to engage German fighters.

The major battles of World War 2?

Battle of Britain,Battle of Berlin,D-Day,Iwo Jima,Battle of The Bulge,Okinawa,Midway,Operation Barbarossa,Leningrad and more.