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Was the Black Death important in Europe's history?

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It resulted in vast changes in the medical profession that still play a big role in things today. Sanitation became an important thing.

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Why was the black death still remembered today?

it was one of the wost plagues in history! 1/3 of medieval europes population died.

How many people escaped the black death?

1/3 of europes population

How many people had the black death?

about 1/3 of europes population was killled by this plague

What were the Short Term Consequences of the Black Death?

1/3 of europes population was dead

What sickness caused death of almost a fourth of europes population during the 1300s?

The Black Death or the bubonic plauge.

Why was the black death important in history?

black death changed Europe. Socially, economically and culturally. which changed feudalism and other rules.

Why was the black death important to the history of England?

The bubonic plague, also known as the black death, was important because it killed half of England's population in 1348-1349.

When was the black plagues last out break?

The black plague peaked in Europe in 1348 to 1350. The black death killed 30-60% of Europes population.

The bubonic plague known as the black death wiped out what percentage of western europes population?

it is c. 33%

Facts about the black death 1348?

It is said that 100,000 people died in London and nearly 60,000 people died in norwich.The black death killed over a 1/3 of europes population.

What killed off a large percentage of europes populations during the high middle ages?

It was the bubonic plague (Black Death).

Why was the black death the most significant event in medieval England?

the black death killed over 1 third of europes population alone it changed and reshaped feudal system it was the worlds worst plauge

The bubonic plague known as the black death wiped out what percentage of western europes?

around 25 million people died in total

How did people died of black death?

25 million people died wiping out nearly half of Europes population:( sad really

Why was the change of black death important?

it was important because the black death could risk a life of someone if they catch it.

What are 5 important or facts about the Black Death?

fun facts on black death

Describe what is known as the black death?

The "Black Death" is bubonic plague, which has killed millions throughout history. It is an agonizing death.

What was the death toll of the Black Death?

About 25 million people are recorded in history to die from the black death. It was a one third of Europ's population.

Why was the black death an important turning point?

The Black Death was a very big changing point in the World History because it killed over 100 million people by the year 1400. And if the Black Death didn't occur the world population would be a lot larger. The Black Death killed around 30-60% of Europe's population and it ended the feudal system. The feudal system was a system that showed who was the highest and most important.

What was the black death and its impact during the middle ages?

Black Death killed millions. Black Death caused many important changes in society.

How did black death affect to the renaissence?

Black Death changed whole course of history. It gave new ideology to people.

What was more important the black death or the peasant revolt?

i think the black death was much more important bacause load of peoplle dies and not a lot of people died when the peaseant happend thats why the black death was much more important than the peaseant

Why was elisabeth's death important to the history of monarchy?


Why was the history of black death called black death?

The Black Death struck Europe in 1348, however the term "Black Death" was not used until the 16th Century, when it was coined by Danish & Swedish chroniclers. "Black" is corresponded with 'terrible' and 'dreadful,' and since the plague was terrible and dreadful (Black) and killed lots of people (Death), it came to be known as the Black Death.

How did black death change history?

By killing millions of people.