Boston Tea Party

Was the Boston Harbor closed by the British during the Boston Tea Party?


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Not during the Boston Tea Party but soon after. In March 1774 England's Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts which among other measures closed the Port of Boston.

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The Coercive Acts stated that Boston Harbor would be closed until all the tea dumped during the Boston Tea Party were fully paid for by the colonists; therefore, it deprived Boston of its water trade.

In 1774, there were two separate acts that closed Boston Harbor and that placed the government of Massachusetts under British control. These were two of the five Restraining Acts that were known alternately by the British as the Coercive Acts and by the American colonists as the Intolerable Acts.1 The Boston Port Act was introduced on March 18, 1774, and passed on June 1, 1774, to compel Boston to reimburse the East India Company for the tea that was destroyed during the Boston Tea Party.1, 2 The Massachusetts Government Act was passed on May 20, 1774, to punish Massachusetts for its "errant behavior," by limiting its self government.3

they dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor

Samuel Adams dumped tea in The Boston Harbor during The Boston Tea Party.

Nobody tried to steal the British tea during the Boston Tea Party. Rebels opposing British rule over the 13 colonies dumped the tea into the Boston harbor as an act of rebellion against the newly established tax on tea and other necessities.

There were 50,000 chests of tea dumped into the Boston harbor during this time. This was a lot of tea to the point that the message was made clear.

During the Boston Tea Party which occurred on December 16, 1773 roughly 342 crates of tea were split open and dumped into the harbor. The Boston Harbor was a HUGE tea pot!!!

the purpose was to punish colonist for throwing shiploads of tea into Boston harbor during the Boston tea party.

The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston. Many crates of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. that's all i can think of

The colonists dumped tea into the Boston harbor, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Paul and many other Sons of Liberty dumped thousands of pounds of tea into Boston Harbor.

Comapny to sell tea below the price of the smuggled tea. Boston Tea Party - 1773, Samuel Adams led patriots ships disguised as Indians and raid of British ships dumped the loads of tea in to the Boston Harbor

The Boston Tea Party was not a group of people, but rather an event. It was a guerrila attack during which a group of colonists, angered over a tax the British had placed on tea, who dressed up as American Natives and sunk onto ships then dumped crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

Colonists resisted the British during the revolutionary period by boycotting the British, Tar and Feathered British tax collectors, and The Boston Tea Party.

During WW2 giant nets opened and closed like under water gates at harbor entrances.

Yes, during the boston massacre British troops opened fire on american colonists who were protesting against the king of england

Colonists resisted the British during the revolutionary period by boycotting the British, Tar and Feathered British tax collectors, and The Boston Tea Party.

The King during the Boston Tea Party was King George the Third. Written as King George III.

During the Revolutionary War the British were sent to Boston to ensure that the colonists obeyed the ruling against them for the Boston Tea Party. When they were headed back to Boston they were met by General George Washington that ordered his troops to point their cannons at the British and demanded that they leave.

East India company Tea, it was the only tea that Great Britain allowed the colonists to buy.

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