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Was the Declaration of Independence a declaration of war?


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Yes and no. To declare Independence unlawfully is to declare rebellion, which is an act of war under British law. But, as a result of the Declaration of Independence, a war ended.


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yes the declaration of independence started the revolutionary war

The declaration of independence declare war to England.

The Declaration of Independence was not the cause of the American Revolution. It was the formal declaration of war.

the declaration of independence was signed and sent to the king

The Declaration of Independence took place during the Revoulary War

I am afraid you are confused. The Declaration of Independence was signed BEFORE the war. It resulted in the war. That is why it is called the Declaration of Independence the colonists declared themselves free of England.

the American declaration of independence was a factor in starting the American Revolution.

The Declaration of Independence was issued the day after the RevolutionaryWar began. A+

the declaration of independence the declaration of independence the declaration of independence

Yes. The Declaration of Independence prompted the British to invade the colonies.

The Declaration of Independence was written after the Revolutionary War.

The declaration of Independence declared the colonists freedom and triggered the revolutionary war. it was the start of Americas Independence.

It was the official declaration of war against the British monarch.

The American Revolution or War of Independence.

Was the declaration of Independence in declaration hall.....declaration hall doesnt exist. Its independence hall you are thinking of. And yes it was created and signed there.

George Washington applied 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence. It wasn't a war, so nobody won.

The declaration of war made international headlines.In American history, the Declaration of Independence is an important document.She was shocked by the declaration of his love for her.

By a unilateral declaration of independance and by fighting a war to enforce that declaration.

It wasn't a declaration of war but a declaration of independence. However, those that signed it knew the British wouldn't just go away without a fight.

where was the declaration of independence

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