Swine Flu (H1N1/09)

Was the Spanish flu avian or swine?


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The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was closely related to an avian virus.

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Avian Flu is not contagious. Swine flu is.

No you cant get it from avian flu directly, because swine flu is literally pig flu, so it originated from pigs, or so the name says. Same thing for avian flu, its, bird flu. S.o no, but you can get swine flu from birds, because flus can be carried from organisms to organisms. So, cutting it short, you can't get it from avian flu, but you can get it from a bird that has swine flu. A bit tedious but that's my answer.

Yes. It does contain genetic material of Avian Flu in addition to three types of swine flu and also human flu viruses. (Avian flu is also called "Bird Flu"). When a virus mutates like this one did in pigs with five different genomes in the virus, it is called a quintuple reassortant (also known as reassortment) virus.The three types of swine flu genetic material in the A-H1N1/09 pandemic flu are American swine flu, Asian swine flu, and European swine flu.

The swine flu and 1918 Spanish flu are the same strain of flu, H1N1. Every flu mutates, it's what makes them so hard to vaccinate against. The swine flu is a mutated version of the original H1N1, containing avian, swine and human genes in it. Strangely enough, American Armed Forces Institute of Pathology scientists reconstructed the Spanish Flu in a lab in 2007, using human DNA (and what other animal?) of victims who had died from the flu. The original Spanish flu had jumped from bird to human. At the same time that the Spanish flu was happening, pigs were having a respitory problem and according to the experts, this is how we have now caught the new swine flu- even though the pigs got sick back in the 30's, a few years after the original Spanish Flu. If they think I'm that stupid they have another thing coming. What do you think?

Pigs spread the original swine flu virus among themselves. The mutation, known as the 2009 Swine Flu (Influenza A, Novel H1N1 virus), that is now a human virus is spread by humans. It is a mutation of the swine flu and avian (bird flu) that has combined with a human virus.

People involved in epidemiology have continued to be concerned about the Avian Flu because it has such a high mortality rate. In humans, the mortality rate is as high as 50%. Luckily, it is not spread from human to human. It has also been a concern during the H1N1/09 Pandemic Swine Flu because of the potential for extremely high death rates if the Avian Flu would mutate with the Swine Flu to make it able to be passed easily from human to human like the pandemic flu does. This was of special concern since some of the genetic material in this novel swine flu is derived from Avian Flu viruses.

God didn't send swine flu, it mutated from strains of pig, avian and human flu. Also, it's hardly a plague on mankind. In the time since it came about, more people have died from normal human flu than swine flu.

Tests have shown that it contains genetic material from Human, Avian, and Swine influenza viruses.

A relatively low number of people have died from Avian flu. It is transmitted only from bird to human, not from person to person, unlike the Swine flu that is a very rapidly spreading virus from person to person with over 57 million cases in the US alone. The death rate for swine flu is below that of the seasonal flu. Although the number of cases of Avian flu in humans is low so far, the mortality rate from the H5N1 Avian flu is approximately 50%, it is an extremely deadly virus. Luckily so far the case numbers are still low, especially in the Western Hemisphere.

All types of flu can be fatal. But the Avian (bird) flu is more fatal, it kills 50 to 60% of those infected. Swine flu H1N1/09 has a mortality rate well below 1%.

The pandemic influenza that struck the world in 1918 was not the Swine Flu. It was called the Spanish Flu since it originated in Spain. It had no connection to the swine flu or pigs.

The Spanish Influenza; is a flu in Spain I guess it could be like the Swine Flu... in a way that theree was no cure for the influenza epidemic but no, swine means pigs

It depends on how you define "worse". If in numbers of people made sick and spread of the flu, then H1N1/09, that caused a pandemic, would be the worst of the two. But, if you consider "worse" to mean having the worst symptoms and highest death rates, that would be the Avian ("Bird") flu where around 50% to 60% of those infected die and swine flu has a mortality rate below 1%. Luckily, Avian flu is not as easily spread as other flu viruses, and it does not spread from human to human in ordinary situations, it requires contact with a diseased bird or its feces, saliva or other secretions. Most epidemiologists believe that the Avian (bird) flu is more dangerous because the symptoms and course of the disease are worse. It is a more virulent flu, unlike the relatively mild Swine Flu (A-H1N1/09). Although the Swine Flu has spread much faster and farther. Avian flu is still rare world-wide. The biggest concern is if the two types of flu combine to form one that is as rapidly spread as Swine flu and as virulent as Bird Flu.

Now after swine flu everyone who travled to Florida seems to be cathingthe avian (bird) flu.see detail-click here

The H5N1 virus or a variation of an Influenza type A virus causes avian flu. Most human flus are caused by types B and C. H1N1 or swine flu is also type A.

Swine Flu started, as the name implies, with a flu virus in pigs. In this H1N1 case an avian (bird) flu component was also involved. The flu viruses do mingle and mutate and make the leap to humans and that's what happened with the H1N1 virus. Hard to tell which came first, the chicken or the pig, but anyway about it, the name Swine Flu has stuck.

Epidemiologists believe that the Avian (bird) flu is more dangerous because the symptoms and course of the disease are worse. It results in death in 50 to 60% of those infected. It is a more virulent flu, unlike the relatively mild Swine Flu (A-H1N1/09). Although the Swine Flu is spreading faster. The biggest concern is if the two types of flu combine to form one that is as rapidly spread as Swine flu and as virulent as Bird Flu.

No the A-H1N1/09 is a new strain of flu that has genetic material from three types of swine influenza viruses, avian flu virus and human flu virus. The "swine flu" in the mid 1970's was also an A-H1N1 influenza virus but quite a bit different than the pandemic strain.

You might be thinking of the avian/bird flu. Avian means bird and this type of avian flu can be passed to humans through direct contact with infected birds or their saliva or feces.But, having said that, birds did play a role in the development of the new virus A-H1N1/09, known also as "Swine Flu". The new 2009 pandemic influenza virus contains genetic material from five sources: three swine (pig) flu viruses (European, Asian, and American swine flu); avian (bird) influenza; and human influenza. This kind of five-source influenza virus mutation is called a quintuple reassortant. Birds can get the A-H1N1/09 virus, and it is possible that a human could become infected by contact with them or their saliva or feces, although there have been no reports of this so far.See the related question below about what caused the swine flu of 2009.

Influenza vaccines are used for the seasonal flu and for swine flu (H1N1/09). There is no vaccine commercially available for the Bird (Avian) Flu. See the related questions for more details.

is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet

It is one of the less frequent complaints of those with swine flu (A-H1N1/09) and is similar to the scratchy or itchy eyes you can get with a cold or other flu.The Avian "Bird" Flu is more known for having this as one of the first symptoms. But this flu is extremely rare among people.

No, Swine Flu is just one strain of the many flu viruses. Flu is an abbreviation for influenza. So Swine Flu is a type of flu, but all flu is not the swine flu, there are other kinds.

Q-pan is the approved vaccine for Avian Flu or H5N1.

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