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Was the U.S. fighting or containing the Soviet Union in the cold war?

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The term "cold war" means NO FIGHTING. A "hot war" would be actual fighting; such as World War 2, or the Korean War, or Vietnam War. During the "cold war", the United States was containing communism, which was what the Soviet Union/Red China were trying to expand (spread) through the use of surrogates: those surrogates were the North Koreans during the Korean War (1950-1953) & North Vietnam during the Vietnam War (1961-1975). The Communists were STOPPED in Korea (an Armistice ended the fighting at the 38th Parallel in 1953). The Communists WON in South Vietnam, when the North ran their tanks into the South Vietnamese Capital, capturing the city, and ending the war on 30 April 1975.
If you are referring to the Cold War, there was no direct conflict between the two nations. There was quite a bit of indirect conflict however. This conflict can be described as idealogical. The Marxist philosophy ( followed by the Soviet Union ) dictates that the world must be taken over and converted to Communism. This is in direct conflict with the ideas of Democracy; the ideology of the United States.

The Cold War was one of influencing other nations to "convert" them to one ideology or the other. Means included financing revolutions and governments and supplying them with weapons, spying and rhetorical attacks. The Cold War also consisted of building nuclear arsenals to keep the other super power at bay.

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