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the slave trade was abolished for many reasons, like economy was a big part in it, and some slaves them selves!!!


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the westward expansion was the cause to the industrial revolution.

It (Industrial Revolution) encouraged imperialism by: It (Industrial Revolution) created a need for raw materials and markets.

The Industrial Revolution caused a number of things. The main achievement was the fact that workers were now treated in a better manner.

They didn't mean to, but the revolution was about the things they invented, such as machines in factories.

The railroad that was built across the continent impacted industrial growth tremendously.

It happened because Chuck Norris asked it to.

Answer the Industrial RevolutionThe question is a little broad to be answered singly here, but the cause of the Industrial Revolution was "progress", that is, making everyday life more convenient and the ever-increasing population more connected. The effect of the Industrial Revolution is still being felt today, but mostly taught the 'industrialized' world how NOT to be industrial (labor laws, OSHA, etc).Decreased travel timesGlobal population increase

It is more a matter of the demand for labor created by the industrial revolution helping to fuel the demand for slave labor.

In fact, the railways were a product, rather than a cause, of the Industrial Revolution since raw materials were transported using railways.

it gave people more money to spend on manufactured goods

you idiots don't know the causes and effect?

The invention of the steam engine and the railroad systems.

I would think so as machines are a big part of industrial reveloution.

The British Empire helped cause the Industrial Revolution by its desire for modernization and growth. Industrialization helped improve Britain's military strength and revolutionized its industries, including the textile industry.

Black Death or The Black Plague was spread by fleas that were on rats. The Industrial Revolution could be the cause of its rapid spreading, but the cause is actually disputed by many scientists and historians. Many think it spread just because of how contagious it was.

There were an increased number of factory jobs in the cities.

The industrial Revolution was the product of new inventions and enhancing ones that were current. The creation & imagination that developed the Industrial Revolution had nothing to do with Imperialism. For the most part Imperialism that created colonies from foreign peoples was done to secure valuable minerals and stake out territorial claims to advance power & prestige.

Answer It is probably the cause of more materialism in society. Before this, more men were involved in church and its activities. After the advent of the Industrial Revolution, work became more important than God to especially men.

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