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Q: Was the anime case closed made into a video game?
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Will there be an anime crossover video game?

I dont think there will be...

Is grand chase an anime?

You could consider Grand Chase an anime - video game cos the the characters are also anime based.

What is Arcanine's cry in the Anime Is it a growl or it says its name?

in the anime it is its name but in the video game it is a growl i always thought that what happens in the show happens in the video game but it is the opposite.hope i answered ur question

Is kindom hearts an anime?

Kingdom Hearts currently is a video game series with a manga adaption. So no, it is not an anime.

Where in the anime does Gyarados fly?

Gyarados cannot fly in the anime or in the video game. He is exclusive to swimming in lakes or oceans.

What is the anime series Gungrave know for?

Gungrave, a Japanese anime, based on a video game by the same name, is known for being the anime version of scarface. The anime was licenced in usa in 2011.

Which is more popular Anime or Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare if you are only asking about video games, but anime is a most popular subject when it is expanded beyond the video game media

Who are cosplayers?

People who dress up as cartoon, anime or video game characters.

Is bay blade a video game?

No beyblade is an anime/manga

Is it a anime of sly cooper?

I'm presuming you mean the Sly Cooper video game series? In which case, there aren't any separate animations than those from within the game currently out at the moment, thus i don't think they have, or will, make an anime based on the game's concept. However i do know that they have made a couple of comic chapters from it =/

How do you finish Naruto?

What Naruto are you referring to? A specific video game, manga, anime, etc.

Did the anime Higurashi no naku koro ni start off as a video game?

Yup ^^

What was anime being promoted in the manual of the red steel video game?

Samurai Gun

What type of video game is the naruto ultimate ninja 4?

This video game is a fighting game. It is based on the anime and manga Narto. These games were developed for the ps2. Eventually, the series made its way to the ps3.

What are the release dates for Chicly Geek - 2012 Anime Expo Interview with Hawken the Video Game 1-5?

Chicly Geek - 2012 Anime Expo Interview with Hawken the Video Game 1-5 was released on: USA: 4 July 2012

What type of service is available at Galbadia Hotel?

The Galbadia Hotel websites offers an archivie of video game music, anime music and other media. They are also providing anime series and game downloads.

Is devil may cry a show?

It is only a video game. AND an anime series.

Is Professor Layton and the Curious Village anime?

No it is not really anime. It is a Japanese Game using images. The images are not very different is style from many other video games.

Does Gamestop buy game cases?

If you mean the cases that the video games come in then no. Not unless the video game is in the case.

Which video game is Cammy a character in?

Cammy is a character in the Street Fighter video game series. In addition to Cammy's appearance in video games, she has also appeared in both a motion picture and anime rendition of the Street Fighter franchise.

What year was Medabots published in?

Medabots Japanese is a role playing video game developed by Imagineer in the year 1997. This video game was later adapted into an anime which first aired in the year 1999.

What video game inspired the anime series Sonic X?

The Sonic X anime series was based on the video game Sonic The Hedgehog with a strong slant towards the Sonic Adventures portion of the franchise. Team Sonic worked tirelessly to capture the details of all of the characters seen in the animated version.

Is Vocaloid an anime?

No, Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program. However there is a manga and a video game out featuring the Vocaloid characters.

Who is the publisher of maple story?

Maple Story was originally a popular South Korean video game. It was later made into a Japanese anime series. The anime series is published by Madhouse Studios.

Who are some popular boy characters in anime?

Some of the most popular boy characters in anime would be Link from the video game "Legend of Zelda", and another popular boy anime character would be Astro Boy from the cartoon "Astro Boy".