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No, World War 1 ended in 1918 and the attack on Pearl Harbor was on December 7, 1941 which was during World War 2.

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Q: Was the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War I?
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Related questions

What is the setting of the movie Pearl Harbor?

The setting was portrayed as Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii during World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor was what thrust the U.S. into World War II.

What country attacked Pearl Harbor during world war ll?

The attack on Pearl Harbor, in 1941, was carried out by Japan.

When did the Pearl Harbor attack happen?

Pearl harbor happened during World war two, just before America became a significant icon in the war. The pearl harbor attack happened on December seventh, 1941, at 7:00 in the morning (approximately)

Who was the president during world war 2 and what did he do during the attack of pearl harbor?

Franklin d roosvelt

When did World War 2 attack on Pearl Harbor start?

WW2 attack on the pearl harbor happened in 1999

What was the pearl harbor during World War 2?

The site of the surprise Japanese attack .

Site of Japanese attack in Hawaii during World War 2?

Pearl Harbor

Where did the Pearl Harbor take place?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War took place at the city of Pearl, Oahu, Hawaii, whose harbor was (and still is) a major American naval base.

Did the Japanese attack the US During World War 2?

Yes pearl harbor attack dec 7 1941

Who was in danger of a Japanese attack during World War 2?

The sailors who were in the waters of Pearl Harbor.

Was the bombing of pearl harbor during world war 2?

Yes, although some Americans apparently don't accept that it was a "World" War until USA joined in, which was immediately AFTER Pearl Harbor attack.

Could've the US remain isolated during world war 2?

Not after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

When did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen?

The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941. The surprise attack launched the United States into World War II.

Did the attack on Pearl Harbor take place during World War 2?

The Attack on Pearl Harbor started WWII for the Americans but it was already going in Europe for several years. After the attack the Unites States declared war on Japan and Germany bringing the U.S. into the war.

How were the Americans drawn into World War 2?

โ€œThey were attacked at pearl harbor by the Japaneseโ€œ APEX!!!

What is the significance of the Pearl Harbor Day?

Pearl Harbor Day is a remembrance day for the Pearl Harbor bombing on December 7, 1941. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii during World War II, destroying many of the US Military's ships and killing over 1,000 people in the attack.

How Pearl Harbor led to US involvement in World War 2?

When japan did a surprise attack on pearl harbor

Was World War 2 over when Pearl Harbor happened?

No, the attack on Pearl Harbor actually began the war.

Which happened first the attack of Pearl Harbor or World War 1?

World War One. It ended in 1918 and Pearl Harbor was in 1941.

Did Pearl Harbor attack happen in world war2?

yes world war two was happening when pearl harbor happened that is when the United States got involved

Effect of Pearl Harbor attack?

well the main effect of pearl harbor attack was that it caused the Americans who said they would not be involved in world war 2 changed their mind in one day a declared war on japan because of the pearl harbor attack

What was the significance of the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on pearl harbor made America declare war on Japan which made WW2 a truly world wide war.

What attack brought America in to world war 2?

the attack on pearl harbor.

What affect the Chinese attack on Pearl Harbor have on US foreign policy?

Very little as the Chinese did not attack Pearl Harbor the Japanese did so.

How did Pearl Harbor effect the outcome of World War 2?

The attack on Pearl Harbor brought the United States into the war.