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Was the attack on fort sumter the reason the north and south went to war?

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To assert Confederate sovereignty over South Carolina.

Did the battle for ft. Sumter further the north and south

In the Northern States, the South's attack and capture of Fort Sumter, galvanized support to take arms against the South. Previously many Northerners saw no need for a war with the South. The attack on Fort Sumter changed this and the North wanted to engage in a war to keep the Union intact.

It was attacked on April 1861

The north was probably control of it in the beginning, because why would the south attack their own fort?

Charleston harbor, South Carolina

The Federal Fort Sumter was located in the Charleston Harbor of the State of South Carolina.

It caused the North to raise troops to quell the rebellion in the South, thus starting the Civil War.

To assert their sovereignty over South Carolina.

No, it is in Charleston Bay, South Carolina.

because they thought that if they could'nt have it, nobody should

Confederacy(south) Union(north)

Lincoln provoke the CSA to attack so it would give a reason for the US to attack them and to give them the name of rebels to the people. Gave them more reason to stop the CSA independence and unite the US.

First, there was only ONE battle of Fort Sumter. Second, the North surrendered to the South, Q.E.D., the South won the battle.

One of the reason was because slavery.another reason is political issues and the south wanted to secede from the u.s and the north wanted to stay together.another was because the south attacked fort Sumter and another was because of racial issues.

To "Liberate" South Korea is the main reason for the North to attack. The North, which became communist after the Korean peninsula was freed from Japanese rule, wanted South Korea to become communist as well.

To assert Confederate sovereignty over South Carolina.

Fort Sumter was in the South before the South broke off and then the South thought it was theirs but the North still owned it and so they thought

The South started the war by attacking Fort Sumter.

The southern states thought they had a good reason with the issue of states rights. Lincoln's reason was to keep the union together. He didn't want war, but he wasn't given a choice after Ft. Sumter.

they were all devastated and went into a small depression but recurred fast

The US Civil War began on April 12, 1861.for South Carolina dec 1860 for USA and lower south CSA attack on fort Sumter and for the complete CSA then victory for the south on fort Sumter.

The attack by the Confederacy on Fort Sumter, and the fort's surrender was the catalyst that brought on the US Civil War. The attack by the Confederacy was ill advised in that the South did not have a standing army or any navy to speak of. The South was unprepared in April of 1861 to carry on a war.

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