Was the black death a complete disaster?

Yes and No:

Yes: well obviously yes because historians think it killed at least 1/3 of the people in England and it caused people alot of pain and suffering.

No: lots of people don't realise the benefits of people that survived the Black Death. There was higher wafes. No Labour services, More land and lower rents, Better offers, More freedom for the pesants, etc.

Answer by Alexsoldier2

The Black Death was a group of plagues that struck Europe and Asia in the middle ages. It was in England from 1348-1350. There were 3 plagues:

· Bubonic Plague - This plague caused big round swellings called buboes. These were usually found on your armpit or groin. You had a 30% - 70% chance of dying.

· Pneumonic Plague - In this plague you started coughing up blood. This plague was worse than Bubonic but less serious than Septicemic.

· Septicemic Plague - This plague got into your blood. You had very little chance of surviving.

The Black Death was a disaster because the cemeteries were full they had to bury the dead in large pits, one on top of the other, dug in clay, earth and rocks. These pits were dug outside the town or city to stop the plague from spreading. Parliament was postponed twice because of the plague, none of the members of it wanted to catch the plague! They said "By Reason of Pestilence" because in those times they called the plague 'Pestilence'. People stole things from the dead's houses and pillaging what they found not to be valuable. This was because people were afraid and didn't want to go to their job and sell things, especially in a busy, crowded and dirty marketplace where it was easy to catch the plague. So many people died with so many families abandoning each other. This was because they didn't want to catch the plague of the other members of the family. It was sad time for so many people because their relatives had died.

The Black Death was not a disaster because the aftermath of it was that peasants got paid more by their lords because there were fewer of them around to farm the land therefore the lord would be lucky to have them. The peasants started renting and buying more land from their lord, buying nicer clothes and making their house nicer. This is because of the more pay they got. The Black Death helped improve hygiene by people in the streets. This is because they thought it was because of the bad air. People started learning English instead of Latin and French because so many monks had died. This was good because it meant more people understood the language.

The Black Death was not a complete disaster but it was a disaster for many as they or their loved ones died.