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Was the confederate the north or south in the civil war?

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the confederate states of America was the south in the civil war.

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The Union=North and The Confederate=South, fought in the Civil War

15 Confederate states of the south.

The North was called the Union and the South was called the Confederate.

In the civil war between North and South, the Southern States in the US was confederate

the union are the south the confederate army are the north

Are you asking about the US Civil War? if so, The North was was the Union, and the South was the Confederate.

John Reagan was the Confederate Postmaster General. He was part of the South during the Civil War.

The North (Union) forces won over the South (Confederate) forces.

yes union to the north and confederate to the south

The Union was the North and the Confederate States were the South.

The civil war was fought by the North and the South, both parts of the U.S. Are you talking union or confederate?

THE Union was the North during the Civil War.The south was the Confederate states

The south was the confederate

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas

American Indians had no part to do with the Civil War. The war was between the Union(North) and Confederate States(South).

In the American Civil War, or The War Between the States,was the North, or US vrs. the South, or the Feds. The South seceded from the North, becoming the Confederate States of America. The North was still the United States of America.

On the south the Confederate soldier, on the north, the Union soldier. Thus the Confederacy vs the Union.

The American Civil war was between the USA and a collection of maverick states (in the south of the current USA) who were known as the Confederate States of America. The USA (North) won.

The Union Army in the North and the Confederate Army in the South

There was the Confederate (South who wanted Slavery) Then there was the Union (North who wanted to end Slavery)

The Union Army (North) and the Confederate Army (South)

Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States of America (the North) during the Civil War. Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America (the South).

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States (North) Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States (South)