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No, it was not bombed because the armour was built in the Cities.

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Why did children need to go to the countryside in the world war 2?

IN world war 2 children were evacuated (taken away) from the cities, so they didn't get bombed. it was safe for the children in the countryside, and their parents would pick them up at the end of the war.

Why was evacuation introduced in World War 2?

To move children away from cities, which were likely to be bombed, to the countryside, which was less likely to be bombed. Some were even moved out of the UK to Canada.

Where did pregnant women get evacuated to in World War II?

The countryside, as this was thought safe than being in cities which were easily bombed and attacked.

Was Scotland ever bombed during World War 2?

Yes. Glasgow and surrounding areas, for example, were heavily bombed.

In world war two where did the children get evacuated to?

To the countryside. Somewhere safe and not near any big cites which were the most likely places to get bombed

Has the tower of London ever been damaged?

Yes, it was bombed during World War II

What cities in England were bombed in world war 2?

What cities in england were bombed in world war 2?

Was Alaska ever bombed in world war 2?

Yes. On June 3, 1942, the Japanese bombed the military base at Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

What does operation pied piper mean at world war 2?

Operation Pied Piper was the scheme to evacuate children from cities to the comparative safety of the countryside in anticipation of cities being bombed during World War 2.

In which war was Pearl Harbor bombed?

Pearl Harbor war bombed and attacked in World War 2

When did cities start to get bombed World War 2?

The first city to be bombed in World War II was Warsaw, Poland, it was bombed from the first day of the war up to the surrender of Poland.

Why were children moved out of cities in world war 2?

Children were moved out of cities in World War 2 because the cities were being bombed and people did not want the children to die. The children got sent to the countryside to live until the war was over.

Was Sofia bombed during World War 2?

Yes, Sofia was bombed and was bombed by the Americans! ;)

What part of japan was bombed in World War 2?

During the second world war the Americans bombed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Who bombed Darwin during World War 2?

it was bombed by the Japanese in 1942,

Was Norwich bombed World War 2?

Yes, Norwich was bombed in WW2

Why was islington bombed in World War 2?

Islington was bombed because of its factories

Which 3 cities in Scotland were bombed in World War 2?

Glasgow clydebank Edinburgh and aberden where bombed in world war two by chloe

What cities were bombed in England by Germany in world war 2?

Every large city in the UK was bombed during World War II.

Why were the cities of Enlgand bombed during World War 2?

Every major city in the UK was bombed during World War 2.

Was the US ever bombed during a war?

Japan once bombed Pear Harbor before we entered WWII

Was Edinburgh bombed in world war 2?

Yes, it was bombed by the Germans in many occasions.

How many houses were bombed in world war 2?

in England there were 40,000 houses bombed!

Were did Japan bombed in World War 2?

they bombed hawaii, the phillipenes, and many others.

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