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Yes. For more info about the Faberge Eggs, see the Related Link below.

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Q: Was the creator of the jewelled Faberge egg Russian?
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What is a faberge' egg?

great Russian art

How much would a Russian Faberge egg cost?

The majority of these faberge eggs would cost millions of dollars. They are worth a lot.

Who invented the Faberge Egg?

Carl Faberge

What would a Russian Faberge Imperial Crystal Rose trellis egg be worth?

20 million

Who created the faberge egg?

Peter Carl Faberge

What is Franklin mint faberge egg worth?

The worth of a Franklin Mint Faberge egg varies greatly. The value of a Faberge egg depends on which one it is, its condition, and the demand for it.

How long did it take Carl Faberge to produce a Faberge egg?

A long time

How big is a faberge egg?

normal sized

Who makes the most expensive jeweled egg in the world today?

John Makino

Where is the last faberge egg located?

in London, England

What year was the 1st faberge egg made?

in 1885

How much is the most expensive Easter egg?

A faberge. They are priceless.

1900 Peter Carl gold chicken?

faberge egg

What was the name of the person who made the first Faberge Imperial Easter egg?

Peter Carl Fabergé first designed the Faberge egg for Czar Alexander III to give to his wife

What is the history of an egg?

Do you really mean an egg from a bird or turtle or other creature or a Faberge egg? The natural egg came from the animals from the beginning of time. The Faberge egg was created by Faberge in France. The Tsar of Russia had many of them. They are absolutely beautiful and worth a lot of money. If you ever get a chance to see a book of them see their detail in the beautiful photos. Seeing them online does not do them justice.

How much does a real Faberge egg cost?

More than you can afford

Why were faberge eggs made?

Because they where

What is Franklin Mint faberge firebird egg worth?

Anything faberge piece marked "Franklin Mint" is only worth about 1/2 of what you paid for it........

1900 peter carl eastertide gold chicken fab?

faberge egg

Did Joan Rivers ever own a real Faberge egg?

she says yes

What is egg in Russian?

Яйцо is how you say egg in Russian.

Are Faberge eggs made from a real eggs?

no. They are jewel encrusted pieces in the general shape of an egg.

Who was the court jeweller of the Russian Romanov dynasty at it's end?

Peter Carl Faberge, was the official Imperial purveyor of jewels to the House of Romanov. Faberge, was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III to design a jeweled Easter egg for his Empress; Marie Feodorovna in 1892. Nicholas II continued the tradition upon his accession, giving his mother the dowager Empress Marie and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra each a Faberge egg every Easter. The design was left entirely up to Faberge and his craftsmen. Each one a masterpiece of "subtlety, elegance and restraint". Of course Faberge designed many magnificent pieces of jewelry for most of St. Petersburg society. It is his eggs that he is most remembered for however and copies from the great to the gaudy are still recognizable around the world to this day. Faberge and his workshop broke up during the revolution. His last Imperial commission was Easter 1917. Peter Carl Faberge died in Switzerland in 1921.

What is the weight of the most expensive Easter egg?

7 ounces. The most expensive Faberge easter egg sold in 2007 for over 17 million dollars.

What is a Faberge egg jewelry worth?

The real thing is worth millions, but the copies vary depending on materials used.