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Yes, the early Democratic party was associated with the KKK. However, the early Democratic party was also associated mostly with conservative causes. Many White and Black Republicans were lynched by the democrat party supporters because of their opposition to slavery. Republicans were the abolitionists from the start. They supported and promoted Civil Rights.

This changed late in the 20th century when the Democrats began to espouse liberal values. That happened because the American Communist Party disbanded and transformed the Democratic Party. This change in values also occurred in the Republican party though in reverse. The early Republicans' supported progressive and arguably liberal causes like emancipation and civil rights for African Americans. But then the disenfranchised Conservatives from the Democrat Party joined the Republican Party. Then more of the Klan members were Republicans. In short, the Democratic party during the heyday of the KKK bears little resemblance to today's Democratic party.

As for slavery, only the type of slavery has changed. It was once chattel slavery and forced servitude. Nowadays, it is slavery to handouts, party allegiance, and even corporations. The prison industrial complex is arguably a type of slavery.

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KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest was a confederate cavalry commander and Democrat.

His primary purpose was to defeat the Union army Republicans in the civil war so that slavery could continue. Any encyclopedia will verify this.

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In response to the myth below stating that the parties switched, the democrat party during the 1960's held about two-thirds of the Senate and House. In numbers they had the majority of votes in the civil Rights bills which passed. However, percentagewise they failed miserably. While some 98% of Republicans voted for the civil rights laws to pass, only a mere 70% of the Democrats voted yes. Strom Thurmond did switch parties but he is the only known one who did. To say that conservatives switched is inaccurate because there is no evidence to support that myth. In actuality it was the Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler admirer, and a democrat who started what is today Planned Parenthood and are still strongly supportive of it today. It was the Democrat party who was in favor of social security and welfare benefits and are still in favor of it today. In actuality the parties haven't changed at all. It is still the Democrat party who is responsible for the black genocide and abortion clinics which is still in existence today. While blacks make up approximately 12 to 13% of the US population they make up some 33% of all abortions performed. The democrat party has been very successful in stifling the growth of the black population in the USA. The Democrat party without doubt walk hand-in-hand with the KKK and their primarily goal to oppress blacks and suppress the growth of the black population today and has been a success with the two of them today as they are still one in the same.

More evidence of this can be seen as we observe the programs which encourage the black population to stay down by handing them enough bread crumbs that they will not want to rise up. Before the Democrat (LBJ) party started giving handouts to the black population black entrepreneurship was at an all-time high. This obviously devastated them. On top of that, if a family has a father in the home he they will receive less money. The families are encouraged to stay separate. Even Barack Hussein Obama inadvertently admitted that without a father in the home the child's destiny is hindered greatly. This works perfectly for the Democrat party (the KKK) today.

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Yes is was.

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Q: Was the Democratic Party associated with the KKK?
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