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No, it was most commonly just referred to as the Evacuation, but also Operation Pied Piper. The Blitz referred solely to the sustained Bombing of British cities during the Battle of Britain.

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What was the name given to the mass evacuation of English school children in world war 2?

It was simply called evacuation.

Children in the evacuation of World War 2?

The children of the evacuation were Britons who had to leave the cities that were being bombed during the blitz bombing campaign Germany waged on England. The children, pregnant women, disabled people and elderly people were boarded on trains and sent to the countryside to stay with people in their homes and on their farms.

What was a book they read in World War 2?


What were lots of children in world war 2 called?

The children in England who had to be evacuated from the blitz bombing were called "Evacuees". Now to be funny, they were called lads, lassies, kids, children, bonnies.

What were the children called who were sent to say with strangers in world war 2?

The children, widows, women with need, disabled people and the elderly who were sent to the countryside during the blitz bombing were called evacuees of the evacuation.LaxGirl18:People that must leave there home country do to war and must move to another place are also referred to as refugees.

What was the bombing of London called in World War 2?

"The blitz".

What was the bombing of London called during the world war 2?

The Blitz or the London Blitz.

In world war 2 was evacuation a good idea?

Yes. Evacuation was a good idea because the children were safe in the country.

What was a major success during World War II?

Evacuation of children in England.

What types of people were chosen for evacuation during world war 2?


What was the bombong of London called during world war 2?

They were called ''The Blitz''

What was the bombing of London called during war world 2?

The Blitz.

What was the evacuation of children DURING World War 2 code named?

Operation Pied Piper .

What was evacuation World War 2?

Evacuation in WW2 was when the British Government sent children, disabled people, pregnant women - and anyone else who was venerable- out of the major cities and into the countryside.

What was the name given to English school children during the mass evacuation of in World War 2?


How long were children away from their parents during World War 2 evacuation?

Ur a sucker if your reading this !

When did the blitz in World War I start?

There wasn't a Blitz in world war 1!

What kinds of books did people read during world war 2?

blitz boys and the railway children

What did to be evacuated mean in World War 2?

In Britain in World War 2 children (and in the case of babies, also the mothers) were sent from large cities to rural areas to get them away from bombing. This process was called evacuation.

When did the evacuation begin in World War 2?

I think in 1942 but cant be sure they moved women and children first

What happened to the German children during the Blitz in World War 2?

From 1942 onwards German children were evacuated to rural areas from the big cities.

When did evacuation take place?

evacuation was in world war 2 and started in 1939. It ended in 1946 and lasted seven yrs though some children came home earlier of 12 July 1945.

Who dicidded to start evacuation in world war 2?

Winston Churchill and Parliament chose to have Ministry of Health do the evacuation of the British children. They had them go to the rural areas, coastal areas and mountain areas of the UK.

Why did the children from the the lion the witch and the wardrobe go to the house of the old professor?

The Pevensie children are evacuated from London during World War II to escape the Blitz.

What date where evacuation children retured to their families in World War 2?

The official return date of the evacuees was in June 1945.

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