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Where does jimmy come from?

From the word 'jemmy' which was a crowbar used by buglers in the 19th century.

What is the definition of the word scarlet?

It is a bright red colour, much used in 19th century military uniforms.

What is the name meaning of Savannah?

It is an English name meaning large grassy plain. Originated with the Native America (Taino) word zabanna. It was introduced to America in the 19th century

What are the origins of the word frumpy?

In the middle ages the word referred to a bed tempered individual. By the 19th century the word was used to describe an unfashionable person

What is the origin of the word Gotham?

Gotham was a nickname for New York used by Washington Irving in Salmagundi, a 19th century magazine.

Is refudiate a real word?

It is not accepted as a word and remains generally unacceptable. The word has been used, occasionally, since the 19th Century, but is still considered to be not welcome in the English language

What is the etymology of the word Noel?

Early 19th century, from the French word "noel," meaning Christmas.

How do you use the word Ireland in a sentence?

Ireland is a country, and an island, located west of England and Scotland. Many emigrants left Ireland in the 19th century to travel to America.

What does the Hebrew name savanah mean?

Savannah is not a Hebrew name.It comes from the Taino (Native American) word zabana. It came into use as a given name in America in the 19th century.

Why is the word monkey used in money?

The word "monkey" has been used as a slang term to refer to Five Hundred Pounds. The term possibly originates in London from the early 19th century, but no reason is given for its use.

How do you use abolish in a sentence?

this is one of the sentences that i have used with abolished in it "Slavery was abolished in the mid-19th century in America and in Russia" its just like using the synonym of the word you just replaced it with abolished.One of Abraham Lincoln's plans was to abolish slavery.

What does the word olden mean?

The adjective "olden" means "earlier" or "former" as in olden days and olden times, and is used to refer to any of several time periods, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Colonial America, or as late as the late 19th century.

Did Lizzie Borden keep a diary?

I could find no information on a diary. But it is possible that she did, at some point in her life. The written word in diaries and journals was a common practice in 19th century America.

Where did the word lunch come?

An early 19th century English word, the short form of 'luncheon' , taken from Spanish 'lonja' known from the 16th century and meaning a slice

What does bobby mean in police in UK?

A 'bobby' is an old fashioned term for Police officer that was often used in the late 19th century, and early 20th century in England. Nowhere days the word is not used in society to describe Police constables.

What country does tobogganing come from?

The word "toboggan" comes from early 19th century Canada. It comes from the Micmac word "topagan" which means sled. The French Canadian word was "tabaganne" and it was changed to the now used "toboggan."

Who invented the word dinosaur?

A 19th century English biologist named Richard Owen. The word means ''terrible lizard''.

What is the Origin of the word 'daffy'?

The word derives from the late 19th Century word daffmeaning a simpleton. It is possible that this was derived from daft.

What is the origin of the word busboy?

Busboy originates from late 19th century: sortening of omnibus + boy.

What is the American foreign policy of the 19th century?

American foreign policy of the 19th century could be described in one word- isolationism. In the early 19th century, Thomas Jefferson almost bankrupted the country keeping it out of the ongoing war between Britain and France, Only two international wars were fought in the 19th century. The Mexican War and the Spanish-American War. Both were in favor of land expansion. Manifest Destiny (want to expand America to the Pacific) in the Mexican War, and the first wants of an imperialist nation (one that dominates others for more resources), in 1898. Most of America's worries during the 19th century were focused on domestic issues. Mainly Manifest Destiny, Slavery, Government, and the Economy.

What is the origin of the word 'ravioli'?

It is 19th century Italian dialect word literally meaning 'little turnips' similar to a Latin word 'rapa'

Is ytterbium a Latin word or Greek word?

Neither. It is modern (19th century) fake Latin word based on the name of the Swedish village of Ytterby.

What is the origin of genre?

The origin of the word "genre" is French. It is believed to have been first used in the late 18th century. It originally meant "a style, sort, or kind." Its usage in English started around the mid 19th century.

What is the origin of sociology?

It comes from mid 19th century French word sociologie, which means study of companions.

What is the etymology of the word godet?

A triangular piece of material inserted into a garment.. The derivation is from the 19th century, French

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