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Was the great Scottish hero William Wallace betrayed by one of his own people?

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Sir John De Menteith - TraitorYes, Wallace was betrayed near Glasgow (Royston, now part of Glasgow) on August 5 1305 by Scots knight Sir John De Menteith, who was said to have turned over a table in a tavern, a sign to the English that the 'brigand' was among them.
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What did the Scottish people of the time think about William Wallace?

They looked upon him as the saviour of Scotland.

Did William Wallace commit adultery?

According to Scottish records he was notorious in this area....but there are no perfect people.

Who are some famous people in the 1200's?

William Wallace was a rebel leader who lead the Scottish war of independence he was born in 1272 and died in 1305.

Why did William Wallace refuse to sign the Ragman roll?

The Ragman Roll was a list of Scotsmen who supported the King of England. Due to the mistreatment of the Scottish people by the English, Wallace refused to be part of the Roll. He opposed English rule.

Who is the greatest Scottish hero?

People will have different opinions, but many would choose William Wallace (c1272 - 23 August 1305), particularly since the film "Braveheart".

Why was William Wallace famous?

William Wallace is famous for 2 reasons the first one if you want to go into storys , historic battles , and historic events then he is famous for his main play in the First Scottish War of Independence by revolting against the English king at the time Edward I ( Longshanks ) but then being defeated by Edward and then being decapated under edward’s order , the second reason is from the movie Braveheart staring Mell Gibson as Wallace .

How many people did William Wallace kill?

over 200

What movie has mooning in it?

Braveheart had a fairly famous scene of people mooning. William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, leads the Scottish army in taunting an attack by mooning their foes. We see exactly what Scotsmen DON'T wear beneath their kilts.

Which Famous people lived 1066 to 1500?

Robin Hood Queen Isabella William Wallace Marco Polo William the Conqueror/Duke of Normandy

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Wallace is this the most famous Scottish surname? It is certainly near the top of the tree given the exposure of tradition, myth, and Hollywood, who manage to combine both. It is therefore a surprise to most people to know that for many nameholders, the origin may not have been Scottish at all, but English, Welsh or Breton!

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Scottish people are from Scotland

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What is the nickname for the Scottish people?

Scots or Scotties are the nicknames for Scottish people.

Did Ireland help William Wallace?

Some Irish people fought with him and supported him. A man named Stephen, from Ireland, was a great ally of his.

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Did William Wallace impregnate King Edward 1's daughter-in-law?

No, in real-life the two people never met.

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