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That is a question that can only be answered as a personal opinion rather than a definitive response. IMO, it was indeed wrong as the vast majority of the internees were American citizens who were guilty of absolutely nothing. They were also forced to forfeit their businesses and land holdings, albeit later a pathetic show of reparation was made by the U.S. government. Many of the internees later renounced their American citizenship in protest. There were other nationalities interred as well such as German and Italian, but not in the same large number. Canada also had internment camps established in British Columbia for persons of Japanese origin.

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Q: Was the internment of Japanese citizens right or wrong?
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Was the internment of the Japanese justified?

No it was not - they were American citizens who had done nothing wrong. They were not fighting on the Japanese side during the war. The internment was caused by fear and racism.

What were some reasons to cancel executive order 9066?

Executive order 9066 was to put Japanese Americans in internment camps. It was wrong and harmed these citizens needlessly.

Why were Japanese internment camps bad?

Japanese people were taken away from things that they loved. It was obvious that the Japanese Americans were loyal to the United States and were citizens of the country. Finally internment camps we made for the Japanese only since they were not entirely white. Germans and Italians were not singled out to be in the internment camps because they were white even though the United States were fighting against Italy and Germany too. So this shows discrimination(segregation).

Did the Japanese realize that the Japanese atrocities were wrong?

The Japanese soliders probably never thought so do to their incorrect version of Bushido, the Samurai code. However, I believe that if the Japanese citizens knew about things like the Baton Death March, they would know it was wrong.

How was the internment of Japanese citizens right?

There was nothing 'right' about it. The internment was a violation of USA law in that census data was used criminally to identify the Japanese Americans. The internment itself was morally wrong in that it violated American priciples of due process and protection of the laws of the land. This said, war in its nature is full of extremes. All nations involved in war toss out certain rules that would never be considered in peace time. After the war is over, there are always groups seeking compensation and apologies. Once you realize that all wars are a fight between nations for primacy. All nations use whatever means are available to win the fight for national survival. It is not fair after the fact to judge those actions taken during the stress and strain of battle. Instead of looking for bad guys, good guys and bogeymen, the mature way to review history is to realize that all nations strive for power and do whatever they perceive it takes to achieve that goal, even if it means damaging their own citizens.

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Did Sparta also have democracy?

No, they did not have democracy, I believe. Whether laws were right or wrong, the citizens had no say for the most part.

Why were Japanese Americans sent to relocation centers after the pearl harbor?

American politicians feared that Japanese-Americans would be more loyal to their own ethnic group and hence, to Japan, than they were to the country in which they lived, America. There was no evidence for this and it was undoubtedly wrong to send the Japanese-Americans to internment camps; it is a blot on American history that this was done. They were scared that the Japanese had spys on the east coast.

Compare between internment of Japanese Americans and the Holocaust?

The Japanese may not have been directly "tortured," but like the Jewish people, they were taken out of their homes and sent somewhere to be stripped of dignity and freedom. I believe that that alone is enough to be called torture. There were terrible conditions in all camps, holocaust or internment, that promoted spread of diseases, and people died of starvation. There were wrong motives for both internment and the holocaust; racism was a part in both causes. Both the Japanese AMERICANS and the Holocaust victims were treated like DIRT, and no human should ever be treated like they were! I apologize if I offended anyone or seem biased, but this is based on research.

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What was the treatment like for Japanese people during world war 2?

The treatment was absolutely very bad. After the United States entered World War II to fight against Japan after Pearl Harbor, more than 110000 people of Japanese ancestry who were living in the United Sates were interned- forced to move to guarded camps. Most were American Citizens who were loyal to their country that had done nothing wrong. When they were finally allowed to leave the internment camps, other people had taken over their homes and businesses, making the Japanese people lose their homes and businesses.

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