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All inventions are based on other technology.

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Q: Was the invention of the satellite based on other technology?
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What was the plan for building a satellite shield in outer space?

to protect the microchips and other technology in the satellite

How does satellite technology use a transponder?

Satellite technology uses a transponder to receive sings and then transfer them to satellites in other locations. They are used for purposes of space satellites and GPS.

What need prompted the invention of satellite television?

With the network technolody development, the people have the great desire for understanding each other, which may cause the invention of satellite television. People can get the most latest information from global.

How does a satellite take pictures of the Earth and otherplanets?

A satellite takes pictures of Earth and other planets by a satellites amazing zoom technology it could take pictures of Jupiter.

How is science and technlogy depended on each other?

Technology is based on scientific principles. Without science, there can be no technology.

Is there GPS technology available for my computer and, if so, how does it work?

PDA's can come with GPS technology and it works through the same function as other GPS systems, via satellite.

About agapito flores?

Agapito Flores was a Filipino scientist who has been wrongly credited for the invention of the first fluorescent lamp. Based on documents and other evidence, he was predated by other scientists in this particular invention.

Apart from satellite technology what other services does Hughes offer their customers?

Besides satellite technology, Hughes offers the service of managed network solutions and compatible turn key solutions. They also offer shared Hub Services through out the US, Brazil, Europe and India.

How is math related to technology?

Computers and other techhnology work based on the laws of mathematics. Without math, technology would not exist.

What are the good and bad points of airplane invention?

bad = The CO2 emissions are very high. good = It gets you to other places quickly, Upgrades in technology

What are Latest seminar topics on satellite communication related to IEEE?

Some of the topics for the similar on satellite communication related to IEEE are Intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology, Neural network based steam temperature control system, and GSM mobile phone based automobile security system. Some other topics are Smart card based Prepaid electricity system and Controlling a large data acquisition system using on industrial SCADA system.

What is the earth's own satellite?

the moon is the earths own satellite any other satellite that we have is man made is its not a true satellite on the earth

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