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Was the murder of JFK the result of the work of a conspiracy or of just a lone gunman?

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2009-03-24 14:45:33

Ballistics, etc confirm that the shot(s) fired were from the

Mannlicher-Carcano M-9l Italian Rifle ( modified with a telescopic

sight) by the former Marine corps marksman(!!) Lee Harvey Oswald.

The weapon was recovered on the scene and numerous ballistics tests

were made by the F.B.I. as the assasination of a President is

certainly a Federal matter! As far as has been made publicly known

there was only one Gun and one Gunman involved. All Presidential

assasinations thus far have involved firearms, and the one used by

Oswald was purchased through the mail- a so-called Right of

commerce, widely okayed by the N.R.A. but since barred by the Gun

Control Act of l968 or GCA-68 as the Gun Lobbyists call it. Oswald

used a shoulder arm, the other three presidential assasins- who

killed Lincoln, Garfield, and Mckinley, used handguns or

pistols-same difference. Booth had a derringer, Guiteau had cheap

British-made pistol. Czolgosz's gun was an American made

Iver-Johnson made in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Leon Czolgosz was,

in the terminology used today, a natural-born American. All

Presidential assasinations were commited with FIREARMS> There

you have it. Cease Fire Indeed!

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