Was the pink suit worn by Jackie Kennedy in Dallas cleaned?

No, the Pink Suit worn by Jackie Kennedy during the assassination was taken off after her return to the White House and picked up by a maid and given to Jackie's Mother Janet. A few days later it was sent wrapped up in a box with the simple date. November 22, 1963 on it. It now sits protected in the National Archives Building in College Park Maryland climate controlled and safe. *note* the hat was never found, nor her white gloves, they were lost somewhere in Dallas.

The hat and gloves were never lost in Dallas. There is a picture of Mrs Kennedy boarding Air Force One in Dallas to return to Washington. Following her up the stairs is a woman (an assistant maybe) carrying Mrs Kennedy's hat and handbag. Also, in an interview with Mrs Johnson many years later she describes Mrs Kennedy's "blood caked white gloves" on the return trip to Washington.

Regarding the hat, please read "Death of a President" and the hat is briefly mentioned on page 408, the first paragraph.