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Was the play Annie a musical hit?

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The Broadway Musical Annie was a musical hit.

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Nick Jonas played Little Jake in the musical Annie Get Your Gun in 2001.

Annie the musical actually originated from a comic strip called Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray.

The musical "Annie" premiered on Broadway in 1977. It is based on the characters from the Little Orphan Annie comic strip.

There are 2 acts in Annie.

Annie the musical opened at the Alvin Theatre in 1977 (now the Neil Simon Theatre)

There are different kinds of musical instruments used in Annie the musical. You can either Google it, it's faster, or search for the songs used in the musical. And find out what musical instruments used in every song.

Aileen Quinn played Annie in the 1982 movie Musical of Annie while Alicia Morton did in 1999. there have been many girls that have played Annie on Broadway and touring, but the first one was Andrea McArdle

In the musical Annie, she was born on October 28th.

A broadway show i made up and new and a broadway play i a play of something like Annie or High School Musical.

Annie was based on a comic strip by Harold Gray.

Annie the musical premiered on Broadway on the 21st of April in 1977. It's reported to have played 2,377 performances.

The play Annie came out in 1977

Annie the musical started its pre-Broadway tryout at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Connecticut on August 10, 1976 with Kristen Vigard as Annie. After a week of performances though, she was replaced by Andrea McArdle who went on to play Annie in the Broadway Production, which opened on April 21, 1977 at the Alvin Theatre and closed on January 2, 1983.

April Lerman played Kate in one of the movies of Annie.

she is one of the servants in the orphanage

The music has multiple jazzy qualities, reflecting the era in which "Annie" is set.

The orphans in ANNIE are Molly, Tessie, Duffy, July, Pepper, Kate and Annie of course.

In the musical Annie Get Your Gun (1950), Betty Hutton, Howard Keel, and Louis Calhern are the main stars. However, there are many different Annie Get Your Gun productions, and each have their own stars.

Benjamin Morre who loved writing novels and changed his novel into the musical. He wrote the storyline and Charles Strouse wrote the songs and combined they made Annie.

The time period of where Annie the musical took place was in 1933. It revolves around the Great Depression, and how terrible a time it was to be out of work.

The font which is used for the Annie musical logo is called Goudy Heavyface. This font can be downloaded for free through many online locations.

The original Broadway cast of Annie were:Andrea McArdle as AnnieReid Shelton as Daddy WarbucksDorothy Loudon as Miss HanniganSandy Faison as Grace Farrell The Broadway production of Annie went on to win seven Tony's, including Best Musical.