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Was the revolver used in the Great War?

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Yes. The standard British sidearm was the Webley revolver in .455 caliber. The US had changed from the .38 revolver as the standard issue in 1911, to the .45 Colt ACP automatic (which remained the standard sidearm into the 1980s) but there were undoubtedly still officers carrying the .38, out of preference or lack of availability of the .45 automatic. Many men carried "unofficial" pistols and revolvers, such as the Colt .45 "Peacemaker" (actually the "Single Action Army", which had been the official sidearm until 1892) were always popular. US pilot Frank Luke, the only US aviator awarded the Medal of Honor while the war was going on, crashed behind enemy lines after being gutshot while shooting down three balloons, and pulled out his .45 revolver to shoot it out with German troops closing in to capture him, and went down fighting. The standard French sidearm was the Lebel Model 1892 revolver.

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What was the most used gun in the Civil War?

The most used gun was the revolver.

On which side was the Lemat Revolver used in the Civil War?

The Lemat Revolver was designed before the civil war for the US Army, however it was used in limited quantity by the Confederacy. Less than 3000 are known to have been produced.

What is the value of a US revolver?

A U.S. revolver from the civil war can go for as much as $2000

What was the revolver used for in the civil war?

Shooting and possibly killing just like any other gun.

What was the purpose of the revolver?

to keep for protection or for war

Can 45 cal ammunition be used in any 45 cal gun auto and revolver?

45 ACP can be used in both auto and revolver. The revolver must have a 45 ACP cylinder.

How were the 44-caliber Colt revolver used foe the civil war?

it was a secondary side arm for cavalry troops and officers................

What is the accuracy of the Civil War Colt Revolver?

The Colt Revolver of the Civil War was quite accurate, but only for its time. It could hit a target at about 50 feet but beyond that, the accuracy fell of quickly.

Why did they named the war World War 1?

The Great War. The Great War. The Great War. The Great War.

What model revolver is used in the film Cemetery Man?

Cemetery Man's Revolver is an Italian Bodeo Model 1889.

Why is World War 1 called as the Great War?

world war s called as the great as it was the first war in which all 3 ways air,land and water were used . this war also had a great impact on people and the resources available in the world.

What were some new weapons used in the Civil War?

The repeating rifle, the revolver, the Gatling gun, the breech loaded cannon, the breech loaded carbine (such as the Sharps).

What were some of the weapons used in Verdun?

British used the bolt action lee-enfield rifle. the vickers machine gun. a 45 cal. revolver. And cannons missles ^the british werent in that war

Is World War 1 also called The Great War?

Yes; the Great War was used to describe it mostly before WW2. It is also sometimes called the "war to end all wars".

What was john Lennon's revolver?

a great album nothing more nothing less

How were submarines used in the Great War?

They were used mainly to sink enemy transport ships.

When did sam colt invent the revolver?

1836 was when he brought his first revolver to market. The pistol is called the Paterson, named after Paterson, NJ. There is a great deal of information out there on the 'net about it.

Does anyone have info on a D Moore seven shot revolver patent Sept 18 1860?

used in the civil war by officers and inlisted men a 32 rime fire Moore was the only one at the time that offered name ingraving at his firearms factory also the ingraving on this revolver was done by a famouse ingraver in New York nimschke also a lot of people do not know whats all behind this revolver they are a part of us and our history of our civil war they were used a lot because of the quick loading our revolvers today are based on his idea of his revolver and just to add to this i have researched this revolver for years in evert cornor i could find you would be serprised what i came up with in years i have living proff of this revolvers i have quite a few of them with officers names on them they are all in firing condition so i have lots of answeres to this revolver thank you

What is the difference between a 38 special revolver and aregular revolver?

38 special is only a revolver caliber. that's like saying a 44 magnum revolver or a 500 special revolver. a revolver is a revolver

What are the parts of 38 revolver and their function?

The parts of the 38 revolver include a replaceable cylinder, ammunition, a speed loader a moon clip. The 38 revolver is basically used to fire bullets to specific targets.

What year did the us revolver company manufacture the the five shot 32 caliber revolver serial number 31858?

1914. There was no US Revolver Company- that was a brand named used by the Iver Johnson Company.

Why did they change the name from the great war to the world war?

The Great War was, at the time, unique. When the next war started, the names World War One and World War Two were used because World War One was no longer a one-of-a-kind huge multinational war.

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