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It was profitable for everyone concerned, the Europeans had free labour working their plantations which brought about huge profits and the slave suppliers (rival African tribes and others )sold people (without a cost of production ) to Europeans in exchange for things like Rum and weapons. Everyone except for the slaves, profited from the triangle.

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Q: Was the slave trade so profitable because of the demand for slaves or the trade triangle?
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How did the cotton gin provoke slavery?

because it was really profitable to harfet cotton now that it could be done eaiser and their aws such a growing demand that slaveowners were buying more land and slaves to make profit basically it put more slaves into bonage

Who brought all the slaves to America?

The Slaves initially arrived in the Americas because of the slave triangle, this was where the Europeans, travelled to Africa and took the Slaves to America, after which they returned to Europe completing the triangle.

Why was there a demand for slaves among European countries?

The European has demand for slave it is because of the wines and guns that Africagave them.

Why were slaves in high demand in colonies?

Because there they needed cheap labour.

Why did European demand for African slaves increase in the 1600s?

It increased because it did!

Were there slaves in new England colonies?

Yes there were slaves in the New England States, but they weren't as popular as they were in the south because they were less profitable in the North because of winter accommodations and thing of that sort.

Machine that increased the demand for slaves?

the machine thAT increased the demand for slaves was the cotton gin

Which invention led to an increase in the demand for slaves?

The cotton gin increased the demand for slaves.

Why did the cotton gin make a bigger demand for slaves?

The cotton gin made cotton farming more profitable. Hence, cotton farming expanded, and more labor was needed.

When did the demand for slaves change dramatically?

The demand for slaves decreased drastically with the rise of the industrial revolution because it brought about devices such as the mechanical reaper/ harvester that decreased the need for man power.

The colonist paid lower taxes on molasses because of the?

They paid less because of the triangle trade system, which involved slaves, molasses, and rum. The colonists would take the molasses from New England to Africa, where it would be traded for slaves. Then the slaves were taken to the West Indies where they were traded for rum. Finally, the rum was taken to New England and was traded for molasses. Although this method of gaining profit, merchants did it anyway because it was highly profitable.

Most slaveowners treated their slaves as?

Economically profitable investments

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