Was the song 'Drops of Jupiter' recorded by someone else prior to Train?

Although Train's singles got heavy rotation on "alternative" radio stations, there's nothing cutting-edge about Drops of Jupiter. Train is a classic rock wannabe band in the mold of Counting Crows. That's not always a bad thing. In fact, the best moments on Drops of Jupiter are the most blatant rip-offs. Does the hit title track remind you of Madman Across the Water-era Elton John? Well, it's no coincidence. Paul Buckmaster, who arranged the soaring strings on much of John's best work, reprises that role here, and session keyboardist extraordinaire Chuck Leavell channels John on the piano. And when lead singer Pat Monahan sings "When I get this feeling" in "It's About You," just try not to sing "I want sexual healing" over the actual lyrics that follow. Overall, a safe, solid second effort from a band that knows how to write hit singles. ~ Mark Morgenstein, All Music Guide