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Q: Was the titanic swapped with the olympic?
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What gmt time did titanic sink?

it never sank at all-it was the olympic which was swapped at the last minute after the crash with hms hawke-not a lot of people know that.

How were the Titanic and Olympic were built?

t titanic and olympic were built side by side with olympic in shipyard number 400 and titanic in 401

Was the Titanic really the Olympic?

No. The Titanic was the sister ship of the Olympic. The Olympic set off on her maiden voyage on 14 June, 1911; less than a year before the Titanic set off on her fateful maiden voyage. i believe that even tho the Olympic was made a year before the titanic the olympic went instead of the titanic, because of financial difficulties. if you watch the lost video of the Titanic then you can see to holes on the front this was only on the olympic because the olympic was damaged the on her maiden voyage. in my heart she is titanic in real life she is the Olympic.

Is it true that the Titanic wasn't the Titanic?

yes it is true, "Titanic" was not Titanic Some people think that the Titanic was swapped with her sister she Olympic after she damaged her prop and had to return to Belfast to be repaired. The builders knew it would be quicker to finish titanic that it would be to fix Olympic. At the time changes were being made to Titanic to make it slightly different from Olympic but to finish Titanic quicker they decided not to make the changes so they remained identical. Some people think they altered Titanic to make it look like Olympic and Olympic to look like Titanic so they could sink the Olympic and get the insurance money. There is evidence to support this e.g why did the first officer not, when he saw the iceberg reverse the port engine and leave the starboard engine going full ahead with the helm hard over. This would have made the ship turn faster. It was also demonstrated during Titanic's sea trials. A few people even say that the lookouts saw the iceberg at 11:15, 25 minuets before Titanic hit the iceberg, and that the officers on the bridge did nothing. However there's also evidence against it e.g after the Titanic sank the director of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay, lead an isolated life in Scotland and rarely did anything in public. Why would his plan have been to sink the Titanic and then do that. And alot of important people died on Titanic like the ships architect Thomas Andrews who stayed on the ship when it sank and died. They would not have planned to kill these important people. Nobody really knows if the ships were swapped. I don't think they were.

What was the ships name that was like the titanic?

The Titanic was one of three Olympic-class ocean liners: Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic.

Was it Olympic that sank and not Titanic?

No. Titanic sank; the Olympic did not.

What was Titanic twins boats name?

The Olympic and Britannic formed the 'Olympic Class' which included the Titanic.

Why they build Titanic first?

Titanic was not built first. Of the three Olympic-Class vessels Olympic was first, Titanic was second, and Britannic was third.

Why would the titanic be switch with the Olympic?

It wasn't. The Olympic and the Titanic were sister ships and most of the interior was identical with the other. Plus, the Olympic was built before the Titanic was. The Titanic was only 6 inches longer than the Olympic

What are the names of the Titanic sisterships?

Titanic was one of three "Olympic-class vessels". The first one was Olympic, Titanic was the second, and the third one was the Britannic.

How did they get the name Titanic?

"Titanic" was borrowed from mythology, as was Olympic.

The name of titanic's sisters?

Of the three Olympic-Class vessels, Olympic was first, Titanic was second, and Britannic was third.

Was the titanic built before Olympic?

Olympic was first

What is the sister ship of Titanic?

The Titanic has a sister ship named the Olympic. The Olympic was built just like the Titanic. Although the bows were a little bit different. The same.

Did they build another titanic?

The Titanic was one of three Olympic-class steam ships. The other two were the Olympic and Britannic.

What was the name of the other ship built alongside the titanic?

The ship is known as R.M.S. Olympic. The Olympic was Titanic's sister ship.

Did the olympic ship sink before the titanic and the britannic?

The Olympic collided with another boat, so they had stop working on the Titanic to fix the Olympic then when Titanic set sail, it sunk on its journey. Im sorry i dont know about Britannic.

Did the Titanic have a twin?

Yes, the titanic did have a twin. it was called the Olympic.

What is Titanic's twin?

The Titanic had two sisters. They were the Olympic and the Britannic.

Did the RMS Olympic sink?

No. The White Star Line made a line of ships. The Titanic, The Britannic, and the Olympic. The Titanic and the Britannic sank but the Olympic is in storage. The Olympic did not sink it was called old reliable and served for 25 yrs before being scrapped. It was the most successful of its two other sister ships, the Titanic and Britannic.

Did the Titanic and Olympic get switched?

No. Both ships were built alongside each other, with Olympic being completed first. However, they did replace Olympic's propeller shaft by taking the one off Titanic (stemming from a collision with the HMS Hawke). Later, Olympic lost a propeller blade, and it was again taken from Titanic. Both acquisitions delayed Titanic's maiden voyage until April 2012.

Sister ship of the Olympic?

The Titanic and Britannic were the sister ships of the Olympic

Why are the rms olympic and the hmhs britannic known as the sisters of the titanic?

The Olympic, titanic and brittanic were all built from the same plans. The original idea was for three near identical ships to run the trans Atlantic route. Olympic and titanic were built together with Olympic completed first. Lessons learnt from her design were corrected on titanic, and after the titanic sank lessons from that were corrected on the brittanic. Still the same standard plan just modified to suit times and needs.

What was there before Titanic?

Before the R.M.S Titanic was it's sister ship The Olympic.

What does titanic come from?

The word "Titanic" comes from mythology (The Titans) as does "Olympic" (The Olympians).