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There was no nylon in the Middle Ages. Nylon was invented in the 20th century; the Middle Ages ended in the 15th.

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Q: Was there Nylon in the Middle Ages?
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What is the third period of the middle ages called?

The third period of the Middle Ages was the Late Middle Ages. The first is called the Early Middle Ages or the Dark Age. The second period was the High Middle Ages.

What was a explorers in a Middle Ages?

There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

What time was the middle ages?

Early Middle Ages 400 - 700, High Middle Ages 700 - 1300, Late Middle Ages 1300 -1500.

What time period was the middle ages?

Early Middle Ages 400 - 700, High Middle Ages 700 - 1300, Late Middle Ages 1300 -1500.

What period of time preceded the Middle Ages and what time period came after the Middle Ages?

Before the middle ages was Anquity (Greeks and Romans) and after the middle ages was the Renissance

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The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages." Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

Was a page from the Middle Ages or renaissance?

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Was acrylic in the middle ages?

It was not worn in the Middle Ages.

How did trade change from the middle ages to the high middle ages?

in the middle ages only the wealthy could afford these goods ,but in the high middle ages there where more goods and more people buying them

One difference between the Middle Ages and previous eras is that during the Middle Ages. One difference between the Middle Ages and previous eras is that during the Middle Ages .?

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How and when the Middle Ages started?

the middle ages started in 500 A.D and ends in 1500 A.D the fall of the roman empire started the middle ages (dark ages)

Where the name Middle Ages come from?

the middle ages name cums from the phrase middle is the centre and the ages part cums from the ages ago phrase ha ha

How do Middle Ages relate to the Japanese Americans?

Japanese Americans were not existent in the middle ages. Even America was nonexistent in the middle ages.

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the vikings started the middle ages.

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Yes, they had love in the Middle Ages.

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It was not worn in the Middle Ages.

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A keep is a castle in the middle ages.

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no, it was believed that there was no pizza in the middle ages.

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Yes. The Middle Ages and the medieval times were the same.

What did Rome represent in the Middle Ages?

Rome didn't exist in the middle ages. It fell in 410 AD and because of it the middle ages started.

Did the Middle Ages are the years AD 100-400?

The Middle Ages ran from about 476 to 1453. There is a link to an article on the Middle Ages below.