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=== === yes there was called shiukand

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Is there a cartoon network character called something like Boscoff?

Sorry dude, no cartoon in this entire world is called that.

Who is uncle grandpa?

Hes a cartoon character from a show called Ungle Grandpa in a Channel called Cartoon Network

Who is mordecai and rigby?

mordecai and rigby are a from a cartoon show called, Regular Show And it is on Cartoon Network.

What is Japanese cartoon art called?


Is there a show on Cartoon Network called Cardcaptor Sakura?

yes there was such a cartoon long ago but not now :( it was amazing :)

How do you get to old Cartoon Network'?

If you have Cox Cable, you can get to the "old" Cartoon Network™. Go to channel 224 and there will be a program called Boomerang™ that has all the early Cartoon Network™ animations!but it has recently been changed to a spanish hd thing.

What is the ghost hunting show in Cartoon Network called?

The outsiders

There was a Cartoon Network show called Cow and Chicken.?


What was after Sonic X?

There is not yet a cartoon after Sonic X. However, there is a cartoon being worked on called Sonic Boom(working title) that will air on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2014.

What is better Disney Channel or Cartoon Network?

Actually Disney channel is very well known for a common show called Micky Mouse. I don't really think there is any well known show for cartoon network. Disney Channel is better than Cartoon Network. i used to love Cartoon Network but they replaced all the good shows with 1s that aern't to good. VOTE: Disney Channel Update: I disagree with this user's opinion. Cartoon Network is improving this year. They just revived Toonami and Cartoon Planet. Cartoon Network is also making episodes of Teen Titans. But Disney they don't give a crap about Cartoons. Austin and Ally is overrated and same with ANT Farm. FINAL ANSWER in my Opinion is CARTOON NETWORK. TOONAMI AND CARTOON PLANET FTW.

Did maxwell atoms quit Cartoon Network?

No, Maxwell Atoms did not quit Cartoon Network. His contract was ending on Cartoon Network so he just stopped working on it. Also, he is working on a new show called Fish Hooks, which will be on Disney Channel on September 24th. You should check it out.

What the name of the cartoon on Cartoon Network that had those kids go into the separate universe on a mission and someone had to go to the tower and push the button?

Your show is called Code Lyoko, it's a French cartoon :).

Will the Cartoon Network make a new Powerpuff Girls cartoon?

There was a one-time special that aired on January 20th 2014 called Dance Pantsed&In June 2014, Cartoon Network announced PG would be returning w/ new episodes in 2016.

What cartoon aired on cartoon network and it starred a cube robot that turned into things for a boy that was his friend?

The show is called "Whatever Happened To Robot Jones"

Whats the name of this cartoon with three people which one was in the air water and land Use to come on Cartoon Network back in the 90s'?

It was called Centurions!

What was the latest cartoon network show?

Cartoon Newtorks latest show is "Incredible Crew" but this April there will be another show called "Teen Titans Go"

Who is the Pink dragon on Cartoon Network?

His name is Dragon. The show is called Dragon.

What is the kid dressed up like a robot on Cartoon Network called?


What is it called if you have an attraction for a cartoon character?

a cartoon crush

What is the cartoon called that Avenged Sevenfold made?

Avenged Sevenfold's cartoon is called Avenged Sevenfold "Makes an Album" Cartoon. Please see the Related Link(s) for the video of the cartoon.

What is Ed Edd n Eddy?

It was a very popular cartoon on Cartoon Network. It is a program on a channel called Cartoon Network, produced by AKA Cartoon, and has a thirty-minute time slot. It has two eleven minute episodes in that normally, but occasionally has one episode in that time slot. There is a movie scheduled for Fall of 2008. It is simply a cartoon about three boys: one a money maker, two a stupid guy, and three the smartest in the group.

Who are cartoon characters whose name starts with E?

On Cartoon Network there's A show called ed Edd and Eddy so i guess you could use any of those (:

Was there a cartoon character called Marmalade?

There's Marmalade from the 'Chowder' cartoon .

What was the show called on Cartoon Network with the three crime fighting teenage girls?

Totally Spies

How can you find japaneses cartoon?

Japanese cartoons are called anime. Google it. I know a good Japanese cartoon it's called Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I'll give you a link. this is episode pt 1/3