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Yes. The "woman" was an image of Lady Liberty. Called a "Liberty Head", there were three denominations made. The Eagle ($10), the Half Eagle ($5), and the Quarter Eagle ($2.50)

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Sorry no US 1845 silver eagles, but there are Seated Liberty dollars of 1845.

Blyth's Hawk-Eagle was created in 1845.

Such a coin does not exist. The British Half-Farthing was not minted in 1845 and 1846.

No. There were no Proof Halfcrown coins minted from 1840 to 1849 inclusive.

1,075,000 United Kingdom half pennies were minted

There was no British 1845 or 1846 Half-Farthing minted.

Not a very rare coin. Generally worth a couple dollars in circulated condition.

The first US nickels were minted in 1866. If your coin says HALF DIME on the back please check the Related Question.

That's a John Tyler presidential dollar, minted in 2009. It's worth one dollar.

A lower-value coin minted between 1845 and 1926 by and for the British Government in the Straits Settlements (now known as Malaysia).

Poe published The Raven in 1845 in a book which included other poems as well

Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, the 1845 Quarter Eagle is the most available issue of the 1840s, current retail values are wide at $180.00- $720.00 depending on the actual grade of the coin.

Those dates are the years Tyler was President. The coin itself was minted in 2009, and is worth one dollar.

It's a modern presidential dollar coin, minted in 2009. The coin is worth exactly one dollar.

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Queen Victoria held her reign over England beginning in 1837, so she was the queen of England before 1845. There were quite a number of other queens before that time period.

July 4, 1845 July 4, 1845

Mexico owned Texas from 1836 to 1845

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