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How do you disarm a bomb with raw eggs?

throw the eggs at the bomb

How do you disarm a bomb?

Call emergency services.

What are people that disarm bombs?

The EOD or the bomb squad

How can you disarm a ten second time bomb?

Cut the blue wire.

Can a robot disarm a bomb?

yes, the military is already using robots in that role

How do you disarm the bomb in fallout 3?

To disarm the Megaton bomb, you must reach an Explosives skill level of 25. When you do, go up to the bomb and interact with it. You can then disarm it, rig it to explode, or leave it alone. Disarming it will earn you a house, good karma, and even caps if you had a successful Speech convincing with Lucas Simms. Rigging the bomb to explode will earn you a nice view of a nuclear explosion, but a whole bunch of bad karma. Leaving it alone will earn you nothing.

In what episode does hiyono save ayumu from the bomb on his neck in Spiral?

Hyono saves Ayumu from the bomb around his neck in episode 11

How do you arm or disarm the bomb on call of duty 4 using a PC?

Usually, you hold F on default settings.

What does Jammer Engineering do?

They make jammers so they can block signals. They also do it so they have more time to disarm a bomb.

Who is hawk eye?

Hawkeye is the archer in The Avengers. He is a great character and is very cute. He has bomb and grappling hook arrows.

How does Spider-Man disarm the bomb in Spider-Man 2?

In Spider-man 2 Doc Ock goes in the the water and carries the bomb to the depths saving the city plus sacrificing himself. It wasn't a bomb it was a fusion reaction.

What episode in Grey's Anatomy is when Meredith holds a bomb?

Season 2 Episode 17 "As We Know It"

Where can you get a house in fallout 3?

You can disarm the bomb in megaton to get a house from the mayor, or you can blow up megaton and get a lux suite apartment in tempenny tower..

What episode did gohan get married?

it neer shows it but at the end of dbz 10 years after buu was beating by super spirit bomb now old teen trunks walk in gohans hose and it showed a pic of them on ther wedding day but it never shows he wedding

How do you disarm an atomic bomb?

Figure out a way to remove the nuclear material, and there will be no reaction. Unfortunately, atomic bombs are usually dropped from the sky, detonating on impact.

What episode did director Vance get hurt in NCIS?

Episode No: 8 (NCIS Season 8) Episode Name: Enemies Foreign Cause: Bomb Blast

What are the people called that disarm bombs?

Members of the "bomb squad" disable bombs. Usually, these workers are police officers who have additional training with explosives and how to disarm a wide variety of devices. One team members might also work with a "bomb sniffing dog" and the dog is considered part of the police force also, even though a canine, just like other police dogs are part of the force.

How do i disarm a bomb?

disarming a bomb depends on the type of ordnance (dont try it) dont be dumb BUT IF YOU NEED TO KNOW HERE GOES if you happen to see one, First you run away (as far and fast as you can) step 2 is call 911 and let EOD or Bomb Squad worry about it.. it would be irresponsible for me to tell you how to do it.

Who played the human bomb in the first Dragnet Episode in 1951?

Stacy Harris

Where do you get the towable bomb on episode 5 hoth battle on Lego star wars?

for the wii there bomb distributors that produce bombs after each one explodes

What's the episode of family guy when quohag gets hit by a nuclear bomb?

Da Boom

When does gohan come back from Kai's planet to the lookout?

episode 286-Spirit Bomb Triumphant

What color was bomb squad written in on burn notice season 2 episode 6?


How do you disarm a bomb in call of duty modern warfare 2?

square for ps3? you just go near it and press square? . actually b4 u do that throw a smoke =) got it from black ops

How far does a nuclear bomb blow?

well it depends on which kind of nuclear bomb try this iyou select a bomb type and then click nuke it and it rough ly shows how much damage the specific bomb would inflict.