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Was there a supreme court justice from Sampson county NC named Jeff Johnson Jr?


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Yes. Jefferson D. Johnson, Jr., was an Associate Justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court from 1950-1959, initially serving out the term of Justice A.F. Seawell, who died in office. Johnson was elected to and served an eight-year term from 1952-1959.


Jefferson Johnson was born June 6, 1900 in Garland, NC, Sampson County, and died in 1985 (exact date not published).

Johnson attended Duke University Law School, graduated with a JD in 1926. He entered private practice in Clinton, NC immediately after passing the bar, then served as Clinton City Attorney from 1928-1941.

Jefferson Johnson married Frances Faison on August 17, 1935. The couple had three children, two girls and one boy: Frances, Mary Lily, and Jefferson D., III.

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