Was there any Undertaker in the 1996 movie Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi and if so did he speak Hindi?

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a runor is a runor. in this case it is not true. he was in a television show in 1999 though  well it says he did on IMDB.com.  i have seen this Hindi film and no it was no the undertaker, it was a look-alike.  It was wrestler Brian Lee who had also wrestled as Chainz, part of biker gang stable DOA. He was brought in by Crush who was in the movie as well. To shed more light on why he was chosen to play the Undertaker instead of the real guy Mark Calloway, was because Chainz was the "fake" Undertaker and fuded w/ the real Taker back in Summerslam '94. He was brought in by the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase  undertaker was never in a movie  Yes Taker was in the movie . i hav seen it and he also speaks in Hindi
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Did any one see Undertaker vs Undertaker?

oh yeah! it waz so rockin' but i didn't get 2 see who won. i think it waz da real undertaker. Answer I didn't see it, when it took place, but I saw part of it on Confidential or something, and the real undertaker won. You can tell the difference, between them, if you look real close, and I hope t ( Full Answer )

Is there any way of contacting the undertaker?

Answer . you write to them at luvsrawluvssmackdown@yahoo.com put the name of the wrestler/diva in the subject line. Yes this is legit. They read all the emails, but can not possibly answer ever one as they get 500 to 600 daily.

What countries speak Hindi?

The following are all Hindi speaking countries.. India, other countries and areas with big Hindi speaking populations: Nepal, Fiji islands Suriname Guyana South and East Africa .

How do you speak Hindi?

First, like learning/speaking any language, you must learn vocalbulary and the rules that go along with it. Once the vocalbulary is learned, you then must learn the final, and sometimes most confusing part, the sentence structure. The sentence structure of a language is the order in which words/voca ( Full Answer )

What is undertakers address so you can write to him?

you can send email to luvsrawluvssmackdown@yahoo.com this account is run by WWE and be sure to put the name of the wrestler or diva in the subject line to ensure that it gets to them. DO NOT SEND YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS YOUR HOME ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER ANY EMAILS WITH THAT TYPE OF INF ( Full Answer )

Does Undertaker have any parents?

no they are dead. October17, 2008. Taker's parents in real life are alive they are not dead.. Well Undertaker's mother is still alive but his dad died in 07.

Are there any pictures of the undertakers children?

I've only been able to find one picture and that is of his youngest daughter, Chasey Calaway. Here's a pic (hope it works!): http://i408.photobucket.com/albums/pp165/brelevesque/sarah%20brightman/WWE/Dad2020Chasey21.jpg Just copy and paste into browser.

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\nFollowing States of India speaks Hindi language (Fully or Partially)Please note Hindi is not necessarily the State language in many of these States, but large number of people in these States read, write,speak and understand Hindi:\n. \nJammu-Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarancha ( Full Answer )

Can freida pinto speak Hindi?

yes, it's a bit broken now but she grew up in India so she had to know how to speak Hindi fluently, and she still does

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mainly north americans, and hindus ^^^^^North Americans don't speak Hindi and Hindus acually speak many different languages. Hindi is acually spoken in Northern and Central India, by many people with differnent religions and backgrounds.

Hindi essay -Khelo ka Mahatva?

खेलों का जिवन में बहोत बड़ा महत्व है । खेल उतने हि आव्श्यक हॠ( Full Answer )

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Why is the undertaker so strong?

He isn't actually strong... it was all set up... wrestling.... the undertaker is meant to win almost all the time.. home this info helps

How to learn Hindi quickly and speak fluently?

First of all it's very necessary to learn Hindi varnmala. It is always good to learn new words in this language. If you don't know this language at all then taking help from the person who knows Hindi well will be good. Try to learn the commonly used words first and try to learn more and more words ( Full Answer )

Vano ka mahatva essay in Hindi?

WikiAnswers does not provide essays in Hindi or any other language. We ask and answer questions.

Hindi essay mere sapno ka bharat?

you can get it in the Hindi essay book-Bal Hindi Niband Patr lekhan and kahani sangrah by sahni brother's publication

Why undertaker is so weak now?

Haven given his last 20 years to the wwe and to us, Mark(aka undertaker), has become tired physically due to the injuries he had sustained over the years.

How do you say i speak Hindi in Hindi?

For A Male: Main Hindi boltha hoon (meh Hindi ball-tha who) मैं हिंदी बोलता हूँ For A Female: Main Hindi Bolthi hoon (meh Hindi Ball-Tea who) मैं हिंदी बोलत ( Full Answer )

What states in India do not speak Hindi?

Following are The Official Languages of States in India does notspeaks Hindi... Andhra Pradesh - Telugu Arunanchal Pradesh - English Assam - Assamese Chattisgarh - Chattisgarhi Goa - Konkani Gujrat - Gujrati Jammu & Kashmir - Urdu Karnataka - Kannada Kerala - Malayalam Maharashtra ( Full Answer )

What do you call someone who speaks Hindi?

,its based on history (4000 - 3000 years ago)that people living right hand side of river shindhu (modern indus) are called Hindi as in cryptogrpy there is no ' s' alphabet and people who speak Hindi is hindavi and from sindhu, peoples derived word hindoos

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To speak a welcome speech in Hindi all subjects are spoken first, adjectives will be in the middle, and all the verbs go at the end. It is recommended to smile first and foremost as smiling is a universal language.

Which religion speaks Hindi?

hindi is the language spoken in the northern part of india, mainly in the states of uttar pradesh, bihar, Haryana, rajasthan and delhi. the accent and the pronunciation of words is different in all these states but the language is the same. people of all Religions in india speak thiss language.

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jal amrit he is prathvi par rahne wale har jiv ke liye. kyoki hamara sharir panch chijo se milkar bana he jisme jal ki aham bhomika he hamare sharir ka 75% hissa jal se bana he or iske bina jivan he hi nahi to jal ki raksha karna hamari khud ki raksha karna he......... means "Jal Hi Jeevan He!

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Why are undertakers so called?

Because they Take bodies and bury them Under the ground. They under take to bury the dead under the ground.

Why is speaking Hindi not important for all Indians?

Whilst it is more a social trend than a cultural one, some Indians consider their native Hindi language to be obsolete and socially backward. This is often evidenced in families where one or more family members have successfully migrated to a Western society, such as the United Kingdom. It's a bi ( Full Answer )

Why is speaking Hindi not important to all Indians?

Because there are many mother tongues used in India. Though the existence of the Hindi language is well-known internationally and it is the official language of India, Hindi is only used by a certain group of Indians.

What genre of movie would Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi be classified as?

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi qualifies for many genres. First and foremost, many would identify it as a Bollywood movie. That is perhaps its defining characteristic. But looking further, it can also be considered an action movie, a wrestling movie, and even a thriller.

How do you learn Hindi to speak fluently?

First of all it's very necessary to learn Hindi varnmala. It is always good to learn new words in this language. If you don't know this language at all then taking help from the person who knows Hindi well will be good. Try to learn the commonly used words first and try to learn more and more words. ( Full Answer )

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No of course not, India has no history of colinisation in AfricaAlso Hinduism has no religious footholds in Africa. the mainlanguages spoken in Africa are the original tribal languages orlanguages related/similar to theircolonisors, such as French,German, English or Portugese

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What actors and actresses appeared in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi - 1996?

The cast of Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi - 1996 includes: Jugnu Dinesh Anand Rekha as Maya Dolly Bindra as Bhagwanti Gulshan Grover as King Don Inder Kumar as Ajay Malhotra Akshay Kumar as Akshay Malhotra Anita Naik Gavin Packard Rakesh Sood Raveena Tandon as Priya Deven Verma