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Q: Was there any artists that painted in the same time as Seurat?
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Who painted Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte and how old was he at that time?

sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte was painted in the style of pointillism and it was created by georges-pierre seurat but i don't know how old he was

France was a rich and powerful nation in the 17th century. how did the artists of the time react to this historical context?

They painted colorful landscapes and scenes of a happy lower class. (APEX)

Who painted the abomination?

Angus mazwell painted the abomination next door to were the mona Lisa was painted, they were both painted at the same time.

How did the circus inspire Georges Seurat?

it inspired him because it was wery many things happening at the same time and he liked looking at it

How did Northern Renaissance artists portray their subjects?

For a long time only in profile. And to make eyes more beautiful they painted no eylashes.

Why did artists paint during the time of the great depression?

To show how it was like in that time. Like, Pablo Picasso, he painted a drawing because he wanted to show people the depressions that he had.

What is the name of the set of woodblock prints Hokusai painted that secured him as one of the greatest artists of all time?

The Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji

What was van Gogh's time period like?

He painted while the impressionists were still active and were beginning to be appreciated by the public. Other artists were grouped as Symbolism and Esteticism.

Are car doors painted at the same time as the body?

yes, an ideal paint job would 'shoot' the whole vehicle at the same time under the same conditions.

France was rich and powerful nation in the 17th century. How did the artists of the time react to this historical context?

They painted colorful landscapes and scenes of a happy lower class. (APEX)

Which famous painter painted the same still life paintings over long periods of time at the same time every day for years?

Monet painted many versions of haystacks and a cathedral, all at different times of day. He was interested in the changing light and so he painted very quickly but these studies spanned a few years.

What is history of seurat's le tour Eiffel?

It was painted to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, and on that occasion was inaugurated one of the engineering work in a very short time he achieved fame at the universal level: the Eiffel tower, 298 meters high and structured entirely of metal.

Who are some artists that worked the same time with Mondrian?

Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Dali.

What has the author Michael F Zimmermann written?

Michael F. Zimmermann has written: 'Seurat and the art theory of his time' -- subject(s): Artists' preparatory studies, Criticism and interpretation, Influence, Neo-impressionism (Art) 'The Art Historian'

How did the hard times of the depression influence the subjects that artists painted?

As with artists in any age and at any time, the dominant events and ideas of the age in which Depression Era artists worked had a profound influence on their creativity. The 'hard times' of the American Depression provided many painter-artists with two basic choices for their painting: to focus on the hardships and suffering or to focus on those who avoided the same, whether through 'maintaining' or through prosperity of some enviable kind. It may be said, however, that the most far-seeing (if not always successful) artists of the time chose a middle ground between these two options, preferring instead to depict interactions of the Great Depression's unfortunate and fortunate.

What artists were working at the same time as Vincent van Gogh?

All the Impressionists, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, just to mention some of the French artists.

Why was the group of seven different from other painters at that time?

they were different from the other painters because they had painted scenery's meanwhile most painters had painted in a studio and the group of seven had painted things very abstract like especially lawren harris he painted things bold and cartoony you could say so instead of painting things like traditional paintings the had done the opposite to stand out from other artists

Who was the first post-impressionist?

Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Georges Seurat worked pretty much at the same time.

What is unusual about the Mona Lisa?

To understand the greatness of it, you must remember it was painted 500 years ago and was technically superior to other paintings of the time. Since then artists have learnt to master Leonardo's technique. So you may not think it is so much better than other painted portraits you have seen. Plus that it has deteriorated over time.

What would be the difference of temperature between two surfaces- one painted white and the other painted black considering same material size and exposure time?

The difference of temperature between two surfaces- one painted white and the other painted black considering same material size and exposure time will be dependent on the sunlight intensity. The black surface will be hotter. on the other hand, when brought indoors, the black surface will lose heat faster and will be cooler.

What inspired George Seurat?

During the 19th century, scientist-writers such as Michel Eugène Chevreul, wrote treatises on color, optical effects and perception. Chevreul was perhaps the most important influence on artists at the time; his great contribution was producing a color wheel of primary and intermediary hues.

Does Janet Jackson lip sync?

No. She is one of the few artists that dance and sing live at the same time.

What did the rich people in medieval times do for entertainment?

Watch people getting killed, and get painted, sometimes at the same time! :)

What were the artist of the renaissance period?

One of the greatest artists of the period wasMichelangelo. He painted the Sistine Chapel located in the Vatican as well as carved David and the Pieta. Also in this time was da Vinci who not only was an artist, but inventor.

Are the pictures of the Gurus real?

In a sense, no, pictures of Gurus are not real as there were no cameras in their time. Most of the images of the Gurus are paintings by artists who lived around the same time as them.