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Yes, especially after they declared war on Germany in 1933. See link below.


The notion that the Jews declared war on Germany is Nazi Propaganda. That headline from the Daily Express is the only "evidence" that neo-Nazis can produce for this lie. (The rest of the front page below is faked).

See related question for information on persecution in Germany, 1933-39.

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Yes. See, for example, persecutioin under the Roman Emperor Hadrianic, when Rome, under Hadrian, killed an estimated half-million Jews and enslaved many (quite probably another half million). Also consider the Crusades, when most of the Jewish communities of the Rhineland were destroyed, driving Jewish refugees east into Poland. Or consider the Bubonic Plague, when Jewish communities across Europe were murdered or expelled for causing the plague. Or consider the expulsion of Jews from England in 1290. Or consider the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492. Or consider the expulsion of Jews from Lutheran lands in Germany during the Reformation, which drove more Jews into Poland. Or consider the Khmelnytsky Uprising in Poland, which decimated the Jewish community in what was then Polish Ukrane. Or consider the pogroms, anti-Jewish rioting encouraged by the Russian governments between 1880 and 1920 that drove millions of Jews to flee to Western Europe and the Americas?

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Anti semitism is discrimination against?

Anti-semitism is discrimination against Jews.

Anti-Semitism is discrimination against?

Anti-Semitism is discrimination against Jews.

When did discrimination against Jews start?

Although eliminationist hatred budded during the Holocaust, discrimination against Jews has been occuring for over two thousand years.

How did the persecution of the Jews get so much worse after world war 2?

Even after World War II, social exclusion and discrimination against Jews was still set forth

Why does Hitlers discrimination against the Jews exemplify discrimination?

hate is hate and he killed many Jews just to feel good.of course hitlers discrimination exemplifies discrimination . discrimination is when you do not like someone or critisize someone by the way they are and that is why Hitler killed many Jews...just because he though they were different.

How do Jews feel about discrimination?

No groups likes being discriminated against.

When did Russia eliminate legal discrimination against Jews?

In 1917-1918.

What is the that means racial discrimination against Jews?

Antisemitic is the term used.

What are some examples of Anti-semitism in the 21st century?

discrimination against Jews

What were the discrimination against Catholics and Jews?

presumably you mean by the Catholics against the Jews; it was called the Holocaust. Though what happened in Yugoslavia was independent of the Holocaust, the victims are counted in with the victims of the Holocaust.

Why are Jews against discrimination?

This question presupposes that Jews have a single opinion and that opinion is against discrimination. Firstly, as a group, Jews take pride in forming their own opinions, at least on matters not explicitly codified in their religious texts. As a consequence, you will find Jews with very differing opinions about various forms of discrimination. To answer your question more directly, Jews have suffered discrimination for so much of their history that themes of persecution are a part of their culture (the festival of Hanukkah is an example). It is in their self interest for discrimination to be reduced. Beyond that, they (speaking generally) don't want others to suffer as they have. The subject of discrimination in Israel and the occupied territories (Gaza, West Bank) is the subject of another topic.

What is prejudice and discrimination against Jewish people called during the war?

Prejudice against Jews is called antisemitism, whether there is a war on or not.

What was the first nazi party twords Jews prior to World War 2?

The Nazi party was against the Jews since it wrote its constitution in 1920. (No doubt it was before that also, but this is when they published it).

When did Great Britain eliminate legal discrimination against Jews?

the UK never really had a government which instituted, apparent or descretely, and kind of discrimination laws or tactics.

What do Jews believe about discrimination?

Jews believe the same thing as non-Jews believe regarding discrimination: That baseless hatred is wrong.

How was antisemitism used in World War 2?

Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is suspicion of, hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage. The Nazis then used it to assault the Jews

Who experienced discrimination during World War 2?

Jews, homosexuals, twins etc.

What tactics did Hitler use against the Jewish population prior to the final solution?

Prior to the Final Solution the Jews were ostracised and segregated.

Did Adolf Hitler opose kristallnacht?

no this marked the beginning of the soon to come Holocaust. the result of over 500 years of discrimination against Jews, which was a prelude to the upcoming catastrophe. no this marked the beginning of the soon to come Holocaust. the result of over 5 years of discrimination against Jews, which was a prelude to the upcoming catastrophe.

What was the name of organized violence against Jews?

The organized name of the racial discrimination of Jews was called the holocoast. The holocoast was lead by Adolf Hitler the leader of his Nazi party

Who was against who during world war 2?

Jews against Germans

How many Jews were killed in World War 2 prior to America entering the war?

about 6 million Jews

What is the word for prejudice and discrimination against Jews?

The word is anti-Semitism, or better antisemitism(as there is no such thing as 'semitism' that Jew baiters are 'anti').

What was one way Hitler ensured discrimination against Jewish people?

Novanet: He forced Jews to wear yellow star badges.

Why Was The Holocaust A sad Time Period?

lots of people were killed from discrimination against jews, gypsies, handicapped people, and lots of others.