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Was there ever a cartoon show that used to be called Geeker 2000 or something like that?


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June 16, 2007 7:35PM

Project G.eeK.eR. is an animated television series that premiered on CBS on September 14, 1996. It was created by Douglas TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, with soundtrack by Terry Scott Taylor. TenNapel and Taylor also collaborated on the video games The Neverhood, Boombots and Skullmonkeys, and in 2005, re-united for the hit Nickelodeon cartoon Catscratch. Despite good ratings, the show was pulled fairly early on in its life when CBS made a major rescheduling change to meet the three hours of educational TV required by the government. Set in the future, the show was based around a genetic experiment known as Project GKR (Geno-Kinetic Research), who had been stolen by Lady MacBeth before he could get the programming he needed to be a deadly and powerful weapon at the hands of the evil Mister Moloch, head of Moloch Industries. Due to the lack of his final programming, "Geeker" is left to be a totally random, permanently salivating, four-fingered, idiot. Managing only occasionally to use his powers to any full extent, a blessing and a threat to his friends and their enemies however. Lady MacBeth and her partner-in-crime Noah (a green, baseball cap wearing and intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex) must now prevent Moloch and Geeker's creator Dr. Maston from ever obtaining Geeker at all costs.