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Was there ever a professional football player from Europe in the NFL?

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2011-09-13 16:41:07
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you have had to my knowledge 4 europeans and there might be several.

Jan stenerud from Norway kicker - pro hall of fame (minnesota vikings - kansas city chiefs)

morten Anderson from denmark kicker (atlanta falcons - new Orleans saints)

halvor hagen from Norway offensive line played line and blocked for OJ Simpson. (buffalo bills - ???)

leif larsen from Norway defensive line (bufallo bills)

igor olshansky, defensive end for sd

Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders)

Yes, there are numerous NFL players from Europe and various other continents and countries. For example, Hines Ward, one of the best and most well known receivers in the NFL (as of 2011) was actually born in South Korea.

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